Women Have Low Sex Drive: Find Out Why?

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low sex drive
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While the lack of sexual desire in men has not been so hard for science to decode and bring solutions for (for starters, pop a Viagra and you’re good to go!), but understanding the issue of low sex drive in women has been particularly hard. 

One of the prime reasons for low sex drive in women is attached to the fact that it cannot be simplified into just getting one particular organ to be aroused to do the job! The combination of a lot of mental and emotional factors, besides the physiological ones, are to be taken into account when we focus on the cause of low libido in females

To even define what low sex drive means is complicated since every person’s sexual desires vary greatly, hence there is no benchmark to set here. But to give a little more insight into why a woman’s sexual desires are affected so adversely, we penned down some of the most common reasons that cause low sex drive in women!

Causes of low sex drive in women

1.Trouble in love paradise? No time to feel sexy!

The most obvious reason for low sex drive in women is when they are going through a rough patch in their relationship. With relationship problems fogging a woman’s mind, it becomes harder to be in the mood to involve oneself in sexual intercourse. 

Moreover, the duration of a relationship can also impact a woman’s sexual desire. Early in every relationship, there is always a spark and chemistry on every interactive instance. But with passing months, the new feeling of falling in love fades away slowly. While it is nothing out of ordinary but it still creates a monotonous routine. 

Additionally, if you have been fighting with your partner and are dealing with pent up anger and hurt, it could potentially kill your mood to engage in sex.

There are certain little strategic moves to spice up your sex life when things become repetitive and boring. Going out on breakfast date together, taking off from work every once in a while to lower your stress levels, sending random, risque texts to increase the sense of intimacy, and having sweet pillow talk while spooning each other are some of the few things that positively influence your sex life!

2. Certain medicines cause low libido in females

Being on antidepressants, birth control pills, or even blood pressure medicines are widely known to mess up the sex drive of a woman. If you’re on a certain medication that lists ‘low libido’ as its side-effect, it’d be wise to make an appointment with your gynaecologist to discuss the potential alternatives, which might be as bothersome as your current meds.

3. Bad sleep schedule aka crankiness and no desire

According to a study published in 2015 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it was found and concluded that women who slept fewer amount of hours faced lower levels of sexual desires and lack of arousal the next day. An extra hour of sleep could increase the chances of a woman engaging in coitus with their partner by a great 14%.

Proper rest and sound sleep is the key to a healthier life and an even better sexual drive!

4. Lack of exercises means loss of sex drive

Several studies have suggested that since exercises help in creating a proper balance and maintaining the physiological process and any other hormones, then it could also help in increased libido in women.

Besides what exercises do inside your body, it also boosts your self-confidence when you become secure in your body image. Such self-confidence goes a long way in bed!

5. Too much alcohol is a red flag

While the first few drinks might ignite a fire within you and give you and your partner a kick-start to a great evening, drinking one too many glasses of alcohol could tank your sex drive immensely. It could make you feel tired and heavy or even make you pass out before you get to the good part of engaging in an intimate act together. 

low sex drive

Drinking too much alcohol could also cause hormonal imbalance that affects the reproductive system of a woman. So if you are the kind to consume a lot of hard drinks, it could very well be a reason for the low sex drive.

6. Smoking is injurious to a woman’s sexual desire

Nicotine causes the blood flow to slow down in a person’s body. While, it isn’t as necessary for a woman to have constant, rapid blood flow in their sexual organs as much as it’s important for a man which would help him to be aroused, nicotine can still be a reason for the lack of sexual desires. Besides smoking cigarettes, other recreational drugs like cocaine and heroin can also lead to low sex drive in women. 

7. Stress and sex don’t go together!

Stress is a quick way to ruin a lot of things – your sleep schedule, your skin, and even your sex drive. Stress not only causes anxiety and distress but also cause hormonal imbalance almost like a train wreck has hit you. A lot of stress can leave you sleepless and disturb your perfectly healthy sleep cycle, which could also wreak havoc on your libido.

Well, a stressed and tired person just desires a good break more than anything else, so thinking about sex could be hard. 

8. Babies are cute but a huge reason for low libido

Changes in hormones, if not caused by any sort of medication or external environmental factor, can be caused to the changes in the body post the birth of a baby or even after a woman hits menopause. Besides the obvious physiological reasons, the increase of prolactin hormones which helps in the production of breast milk in a woman’s body is directly involved in lowering the sexual desires of a woman. 

Taking care of a baby is a 24/7 job that is bound to exhaust a woman. Again, tiredness doesn’t help in boosting the sex drive in any manner.

On the other hand, there is certain hormone therapy which women can avail once she hits menopause, to bring back her sex drive to what it previously was.

Whatever be the cause of the lack of sex drive, it is important to listen to your body because it’ll direct you to the root cause of any problem. Once you have figured out what’s causing the lack of sexual desire, you can actively try to eradicate such a problem.

Allow yourself some space to understand the issues you’re dealing with and don’t shame yourself for the loss of your libido. Ask for help, talk about it to your partner, be transparent and you’ll be able to fix it within no time!

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