Adults have busy lives and having a busy life means less time for your pleasures. Pleasure, a common word for it is sex. Sex can be a stress reliever and a good refresher. Having a hectic schedule can hinder a good sex life.

Well, there’s a solution for it, quickie sex. Having quickie sex can help you in coping up with your heavy schedules and refreshing yourself for a hectic task. Sometimes, you can’t resist yourself when you are with your partner and they are looking super hot. Yeah! We understand you totally! 

So, we are going to tell you some great quickie sex tips and guide you to some best positions for a quickie you might want to try. 

Best Positions To Try for A Quickie 

Trying out quickie sex is hot and worth a try. The first thing to do is knowing what kind of positions you can try for having flavorful and steamy sex. Positions are important for a quickie because you might want to try it out in a place where it is kinda difficult for you to do it. So, let us know some of the best quickie sex positions for you and your partner.  

1. Standing Position

This is easy to do and a quick sex position which may be preferable for having quickie sex. This is a great sex position because you don’t need a bed for it, first of all. It may be possible that you may not have a bed for having quickie sex.

In this position, you just need to bend over in a standing position and your partner can enter you from behind. It can be accompanied by a spank or even clitoris stimulation for a lot more pleasure. 

2. Doggy style

This is one of the best sex positions as it helps in deeper penetration and additional pleasure. Your partner feels the penetration deeper from behind and you can even touch yourself when they are penetrating inside you. You can use vibrators or even your hand to touch yourself. It is great for a quickie as you have a great chance to orgasm quickly in this position. You might consider adding this to your quickie sex positions list. 

3. Butterfly position

This might be the hottest position for a quickie. Having a great urge for a quickie and finding a kitchen table can be a great place to try out this position. Your partner stands holding your pelvis while you are lying with your legs on their shoulder and they penetrate deep inside you.

 Quickie Sex Positions
 Quickie Sex Positions

It is a great sex position if you are in a hurry and want to have a quickie. You can see each others’ faces and enjoy it even more. Try it out for quickie sex. 

4. Against the wall

Be honest! This position is the fantasy of most girls. It is the steamy hot position if you are up for a quickie to relieve your stress and want to boost up the romance level with your partner. It great a great option for aggressive or rough sex. Just gently push your partner against the wall and do the dirty work! It may sound a bit uncomfortable but it’s a fun way to spice up your sex life. 

5. Cowgirl

For all the ladies who love to take control, this one is the best position to try out. Riding your partner and taking control of them can be sexy and it can even make you orgasm pretty quick. It can also be accompanied by some oral sex and clitoris stimulation. You might just need 10 minutes to get the work done. Even a lot of men love women riding on them and being the dominant one. It is one of the sexy and heated positions to try out for a quickie. 

6. 69

The most popular and old position which gives both the partners what they need. It gives dual stimulation which makes it easy for both of the partners to orgasm together. It can be favorable foreplay too. In this position, both the partners face each other alternatively. It is a great quickie if you are getting late for work or you have kids to manage. If you do not want penetration, go for this position for quickie sex. 

Some Quickie Sex Tips

We discovered some of the best sex positions to try for a quickie but before you try out quickie sex, it’s important to know some tips to have an immediate sexy time with your love partner. Follow these tips to have safe and hot quickie sex. 

1. Do it in the right place

Quickie sex can be a fantasy for most people. Some people want to do it in a trial room at a store or some want to do it in a washroom but that doesn’t mean you can do it anywhere. There should be enough privacy for both of you before you try it out. So, make sure you do it in the right place. 

2. Use a lube

Lube is important when you are going for a quickie. Quickie sex needs to be short and quick so it’s important that you have enough lube to make you and your partner orgasm. Without lube, there wouldn’t be enough wetness. So, make use of lube for your quick sex experience. 

3. Set the mood

Setting the mood is the far most important thing to do before having quickie sex. If you don’t want to have penetrative sex and just need your partner to go down on you. Do that! Don’t force anything on yourself or your partner. 

4. Lastly, use a condom

Never forget condoms while having sex even if it’s a quickie. Condoms and contraceptives help you from any unwanted pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases. Being protected is better than having diseases and unwanted pregnancies. 

Having a quickie is a fun and sexy way to keep your relationship spicy and seductive. Make it a fantasy and try it out in different positions, different moods, and different places. It will help you in being more closer to your partner and have a lot of fun and pleasures. 

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