Women are facing a lot of challenges in the modern world today. The challenges keep multiplying every time a woman tries to break free from the clutches of the male-centric stereotypes of life and tries to do something of her own accord. Gone are the days when entrepreneurship was restricted to men only. Times have changed, and women are finally embracing their dreams. Society is now encouraging more women entrepreneurship, which is something to be proud of.

However, even though the world is advancing fast, women entrepreneurship is as low as 15%. Studies show that women have proved themselves to be better entrepreneurs than men time and again. Yet, what is stopping them from considering entrepreneurship as a viable option to shape their careers?

Why more women entrepreneurship should be encouraged?

Today, women are defying the age-old stereotype that the kitchen is the only place they should be. They should not allow the shackles of patriarchy to stop them from dreaming. 

Women’s career options are plenty, entrepreneurship being the most in-demand. Here are noted a few reasons why entrepreneurship is the right path ahead.

Inherit leadership qualities

Women are not just efficient; they are also intelligent. Their sense of work ethic allows them to build and sustain a business that would deliver high-performing results. Some of the vital traits required to run a business include empathy and passion, which are considered feminine traits, making women entrepreneurs the need of the hour.

Break the corporate stereotype and get what they truly deserve

Research suggests that the chances of a man getting promoted are always 20% higher than that of a woman. This makes it evident that women have a hard time climbing up the corporate ladder while men have it easy, even though both put in the same amount of effort and hard work.

Also, the gender pay gap is no hidden story. The prevailing gender bias is one of the top reasons that holds female entrepreneurs from wanting to continue their entrepreneurial journey.

However, more and more women today are turning to entrepreneurship to break the “boys club mentality” and instil a sense of gender equality at work. Pursuing their dreams despite the odds will help them get what they deserve. 

To be independent and not be burdened by obligation

You don’t have to keep swinging between fear and obligation when you have a ready source of income. Entrepreneurship allows you to be the queen of your choices and makes you more independent and free. 

You don’t have to worry about not living up to anybody else’s expectations like in your 9-5 jobs. All you have to do is carry your business your way, the right way.

Even though this might sound comfortable to you, entrepreneurship has its own set of uncertainties that can result in devastating consequences if not dealt with properly. But what is a business worth without challenges? 

When you are an entrepreneur, you will have complete control over every activity of your business. You will have the power to make changes as and when required to foster the growth of your business. Let no trivial complications deter your spirit. Think about the checks you would be encashing and the empire you would build. It is all worth it.

To unleash their true capabilities

How many times have you been shut down by your boss when you tried sharing your perspectives on something during meetings? How many times have you been denied the promotion that you had been waiting so long for? 

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Every time you tried entering through the open doors of opportunities, society closed them for you with its preconceived mindset.

“You don’t have to go to work”. “Sit back and look after the baby”. “Get your hands better in the kitchen”. These are some things you hear people saying when you explain your desire to pursue your dreams.

Why let somebody else write your destiny? Why let someone else decide your future? 

If you allow yourself to believe so, you are the creator of your reality. If you are a woman entrepreneur, this is your sign to turn your dreams into a blooming reality. This is your chance to realize your true potential and excel in life.

Women entrepreneurs rise when surrounded by the right set of people. Once you get to position yourself as a leader, you are on your road to success. 

Be a flag bearer for other women

You need to be the beacon of hope for other women struggling to shape their careers. Women have been making enormous strides in the realm of business for quite a while now. The support of other women is a great motivator to boost growth and create pathways for change. 

Celebrating each other’s success, investing in women-owned businesses, providing platforms to help women voice their opinions, and sharing their insights are great ways women entrepreneurs can support and inspire other women.

Know their true and unbiased worth

Women’s ability to build a successful career in the corporate world is no new news to us. Entrepreneurship allows them to earn what they deserve, unlike the 9-5 jobs where women are subject to discrimination and are paid comparatively lesser, especially men. 

Earning according to their potential instils a sense of satisfaction and helps them to take their career to a whole new level. 

The government, however, should take effective measures to encourage more women entrepreneurship. There is no doubt that women make better entrepreneurs than men, and the leadership quality that female entrepreneurs have is slightly different yet effective. However, the disparity between the two genders is one of the most challenging factors that keep women away from turning their dreams into a reality. 

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What could be better than living on your own terms and building something for yourself? Entrepreneurship allows you to do that, and it allows you to be the one in charge.

The power that women have? Incredible.