A woman should be who she wants and what she wants. And so it goes when it comes to your eyebrows, whether you wish it to be bushy, on fleek or unthreaded. Whatever makes you happy.  While some women and even men nowadays wish for world peace and perfect eyebrows. Let us enlighten you to what to expect when you get your brows done! Once you’ve entered into the realm of getting it done once, there is no back home! This centuries-old technique for removing unwanted hair that hails from India and the Middle East.

First of all, it’s necessary you are aware of how this series of action takes place. This process is said to be less painful than waxing entails, in the simplest language, a thread of cotton or polyester that is doubled and then twisted around. It removes the unwanted hair till the follicle level.  It can remove the short hairs all at once, unlike tweezing. There can be various ways to get your brows done, for example through an epilator (an electronic device) however, the mouth holding method has seemed to be the fastest and most precise.  

The complete eyebrow process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. If you wonder when is the next time you need that lasso like the thread to be rubbed through your gentle skin, the normal time of hair regrowth usually takes two to six weeks. Though it may vary in regard to one’s rate of regrowth as well.

Expected Things After Eyebrows Done 

Here is the quick guide on what to expect when you get your brows done:

1. Pain

Well, that’s what threatens the first-timer to death. Talking about this fright, the pain experienced while getting your threading done can be subjective. While some people might claim to fall asleep during the process, others may never wish to get the thread twisted upon their faces. The pain is bearable and mostly depends on one’s tolerance.

2. While talking about the affliction

Threading can feel like tweezing of multiple hairs at once. During this process, it is required that you do not blink or flinch as you probably might end up getting unwanted hairless patches!

3. You should obey your brow specialist 

Being a first-timer and every time, always do what your therapist tells you to, from holding your eyelids in opposite directions to the intensity of pressure to be applied while holding it. Or else that thin thread could give you cuts and marks.

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4. Choosing the SHAPE

The part where you feel all the agony you went through is going to be worth it. Obviously, you did Google the shapes and the one that seemed to be the best suited for you. Be sure in specifying your liked shape to the therapist in the most accurate way! Ah! Don’t get too excited when it’s claimed to be done and smile with a nod of approval. Check your brows carefully, and see if any unwanted hair is still left to be twisted off. Be hundred percent sure. Scrutinize and be satisfied, see if those are the same enviable eyebrows you specifically desired.

5. Don’t worry about it                              

Yes! The redness is normal, and so is the soreness. Let them apply the soothing aloe Vera gel that shall reduce the burning, and gives you a cooling effect and relief.

6. Take care

While threading usually can be a normal and common exercise done, Since eyebrow threading removes hair from its follicle, the hair follicle may get infected. Bacteria may grow in the tiny pockets left by the pulled out hair. The condition is known as folliculitis and it often appears as small, white-headed pimples around one or more hair follicles. Albeit, it may itch but might go away in a few days.

7. Beware

As you get your brows done, the therapist might apply specific lotions on your face. As your skin pores are exposed due to the procedure and if you have sensitive skin, your skin may react. You might get an allergic reaction. Always confer about the lotion and if you’re allergic to any of its ingredients beforehand.

At last, there is nothing wrong in taking suggestions from the experienced. You can consider taking recommendations from your therapist and the style that would look good on your face, providing aesthetic look and satisfaction together.

And here you go.  On fleek!

May your coffee and eyebrow game be strong!

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