People who share certain traits often have a set of experiences they can relate to. For example, if you are short in height, you are probably used to people telling you to crouch on the ground in the very front of the group during photo sessions. On the other hand, if you’re tall, you’re probably everyone’s go-to person for getting things from the higher shelves. These common experiences can range from funny to annoying to plain rude. 

However, sharing them with each other can make you feel much less-alone and can prove to be a great bonding topic. Today, we are going to talk about one such physical trait: naturally thick eyebrows, or, as they are often ‘lovingly’ called, caterpillar eyebrows. Girls who have caterpillar eyebrows tend to find themselves in similar awkward situations with similarly annoying comments flying around. 

Things A Girl can Experience with Bushy Eyebrows

If you are one of those girls, we are here to tell you that you are not alone. As you will read to find out, there are certain things all girls with bushy eyebrows can relate to. So, grab a friend who is also a part of the thick brows family and compare just how many of the items on this list are things you have experienced. 

1. A single grooming session takes way too long

Having bushy eyebrows means that it takes a long time to get them looking the way you want them to. Whether you go to a beauty parlor or decide to take things into your own hands, grooming your eyebrows is not an easy job. Getting them to resemble that satisfactory shape can take a lot of time. A lot of attention and care is needed to get that desired shape because sometimes areas on the forehead needed to be treated as well, to prevent those caterpillar brows from crawling towards your hairline. 

Bushy Eyebrows
Bushy Eyebrows

To top this off, there is always that one stubborn strand of hair that grows back just a day after the session, as if avenging the loss of all its siblings.

2. People keep asking if you used to have a unibrow

If you are someone who has caterpillar eyebrows, chances are that people have asked you if you had a unibrow, once. Well, the answer to that is simple: it is none of their business. Whether you had a unibrow or did not, it is completely okay. There is nothing wrong with having a unibrow and no one needs to obsess over eyebrow grooming from a young age. If you had a unibrow once, you were very pretty then and if you no longer have it, you’re still just as pretty now. 

3. Finding the correct eyebrow pencil is next to impossible

Finding a suitable eyebrow pencil to fill in your caterpillar eyebrows can prove to be a challenge. A shade too light and things are barely noticeable.

Bushy Eyebrows
Bushy Eyebrows

A shade too dark and now you have two, dark glaringly obvious lines just hanging above your eyes like ominous shadows. Not to mention that you still have the rest of your makeup to do but your eyebrows just seem to want your attention all the time! 

4. You are guilty of overplucking

Society tends to often pose ideals that are obstructions in the path of body acceptance, making us extremely conscious of ourselves. This means that those with thick eyebrows can also feel insecure about the size of their brows. If you have experienced this, chances are that you have tried pluck and pluck at those thick brows until you had done more damage than good. The results of overplucking could still be apparent in the condition of your eyebrows, not to mention that the memory of all that shame and frustration isn’t easy to recall. 

5. People have called you a variety of nicknames

Ah, yes, the infamous nicknames. Nicknames are not always loving and kind. Sometimes, they can border on teasing and hurtful. Those with thick eyebrows are often subject to these by their peers, which can be funny for some and painful for others. If you were one of the unlucky victims who was called “Frida Kahlo” or even “Bush Baby”, we want to tell you that we sympathize. 

Bushy Eyebrows
Bushy Eyebrows

We also want to tell you that Frida Kahlo was pretty much a self-confident badass and being called by her name can never be close to an insult! 

6. But you also get a variety of compliments

The teasing that comes with caterpillar brows is perhaps compensated by the flurry of compliments as well. After all, there are many people who are envious of those who have naturally thick brows. Especially when these days they are a trend and suddenly everybody wants them. But hey, you had them before it was even cool. So, take those compliments with grace and wear those caterpillar brows like they are your pride because, in many ways, they actually are. 

7. At the end of the day, you love those caterpillar eyebrows

Well, duh! You may have been annoyed by them on some days, but there is no denying that you are very fond of those two devils. After all, they have gone through so much with you. Through very messy bad hair morning, every insecure moment, every annoying question that makes you suppress an eye roll, and every painful grooming session, they have always been with you. You have hated them in those dark moments of your life and you will probably hate them at some point in the future again. But then, there are always those days when you wake up to look at them in the mirror and feel yourself smile at how special they are to you. 

You have all the reasons in the world to be proud of them, let no one tell you otherwise. Sure, they are quirky and strange and awkward so many times, but then they are unique and yours, too. They try their best, those stubborn caterpillar eyebrows that keep growing over again and again. After all, they are just like you, aren’t they? Resilience and courage are just a huge part of them.

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