Who said that a bigger size is always better? In this article, I will help you to troubleshoot if your boyfriend/husband has a big penis? The reason why I decided to write on this topic is that one of my close friends broke up last week due to the same issue. She told me that they had broken up several times following heated arguments. 

Although they both loved each other very much or let’s say that they were one of those “couple goals”, however, according to her most of the time they didn’t have sex as much as they would like to! The large penis always came into their way! Do you know that with a large penis it is a challenge to go fast or hard? I wonder, it would be equally frustrating for a man with a big penis as well. He will be always frightened to hurt instead of satisfied! By now, you must have understood the challenges if he has a big penis. 

“Big penis= a lot of tension in the relationship”

Your Take If Partner Has A Big Penis

No need to panic! Keep reading to know what you can do if he has a big penis!! 

Big Penis
Big Penis

1. You can rely on some effective and easy PC muscles. These exercises will make PC muscles stronger as well as improve flexibility making it trouble-free for you to enjoy that big penis. Plus, always make sure that you do Kegels properly, which is fully relaxing & releasing between squeezes. And if you skip this step, then it can result in more harm rather than good as well as injure your muscles.

2. You should pee as soon as after sex. The post-coital pee is essential if you have a girthy boyfriend/husband. A big penis stretches out the vaginal introitus more than that of small ones and that is why microbes can get into the urethra under these conditions.

3. You should close your legs during missionary. This will help to cut down the depth of penetration, particularly if your boyfriend/husband has a big penis.

4. Go for an OhNut! Now, what is this? It is a series of 4 flexible rings, which can go above the base of your boyfriend’s penis as well as is something like a bumper that prevents him from entering into you. It is completely up to you- use all 4 or adjust accordingly!

5. You should take some extra quality time with foreplay. This is because the more aroused a girl will be during sex, it will be easier to handle the big size. Arousal does make a big difference as it pushes your body to take more as well as your vagina widens & lengthens while you’ll be turned on.

6. More lube! No matter if you get wet naturally, the glide using a good lube is a lot different. A good lube can help you to handle his large penis.

7. Always go for condoms in big sizes. This will make sure that the condom won’t break due to his size during sex.

8. Try lying on your back on top of your boyfriend & ask him to enter from behind. This angle will help to easily strike the sensitive portion of your vagina and also you won’t suffer by the size. Also, lube your inner thighs so that you can enjoy more.

9. Talk to each other. This is the most important thing to practice. If in any case, you already know the size is a little large for you, then don’t feel shy or afraid. Just talk it out to your boyfriend/ husband. Trust me, this is going to help you both in the process. He has the full right to know that he can hurt you as well as he should go slow.

Go for it girl!! 


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