Most men are worried about “their size” being too small for satisfying their sexual partner?  Every body type is different and unique, having a small penis doesn’t mean you are going to be deprived of sexual relationships! Mostly, men are ashamed of asking these questions to their sexual partners and their fellow friends. Most men do. But, the question remains, does size matter? How small is too small for a woman? Continue reading the article to find all your questions answered! 

Average Penis Size: What’s The Normal Size For A Penis? 

A man might be thinking that having a long penis is what makes a sexual experience for a woman satisfying. Guess what? You’re wrong! There’s nothing like being too small for woman (most women). Even though the huge size of a penis is considered a very big element of a man’s sexual performance, it is not an ideal aspect of assessing how good a man is in the bed. 

It’s no shame in watching porn, but in reality, porn has deteriorated the way we see things. Porn has been a great reason why men worry about their size. Porn might be a fantasy but it is not a reality! Pornography mostly depicts the erroneous notion that women are enticed and satisfied with a long penis. Most people do not have porn star bodies, so it’s simple not to compare them with your body. We all are different!  In fact, the average penis size ranges between 4.7 inches-6.3 inches. So, if you are thinking 5 inches are too small for woman, you might be wrong. It’s natural and extremely common. Also, you must keep in mind that the average vagina is only 3.77 inches and most gals do not like it too big because it may cause a painful sexual experience. 

Things To Know About Small Penises

Men obsess about their bodies just like women do. A lot of men worry about their size and sometimes get insecure that their size won’t be enough to satisfy a woman. But, in truth, most women do not care much about their size and a large penis is not much of a priority for a woman. Here are a few things you should know if you feel your penis size is not enough to make your partner satisfy in bed: 

1. Positions Matter, Not the Size

If you are looking for the answer to how small is too small for a woman, then rest assured, what matters is what you do with it and not your size. Most men think that penetration is all that matters to satisfy a woman’s sexual desire which isn’t quite right. In fact, a penis isn’t what makes a woman orgasm. Most women say they orgasm with clitoral stimulation and not penetration. When penetration is combined with clitoral stimulation, a woman feels even better and is more likely to orgasm. Positions do matter when it comes to satisfying a woman. If you have an average-sized penis, you should try doggy style as it may allow deeper penetration which feels amazing both for men and women. 

2. Long-Term Relationships go fine with Small Penises 

Sex in a long-term relationship gets comfortable as the relationship grows. As you and your partner grow strong in your sexual relationship, the size wouldn’t matter at all. As both partners know the right spot to hit and all the likes and dislikes of each other during sexual intercourse, the size is hardly ever thinkable. 

Penis Small For Woman Facts
Things To Know About Small Penises

On the other hand, when it comes to one-night stands and hookups, size may matter. But, actually the girth matter and not the length. The pleasure is mostly derived from the girth of the penis and not the length. Although, if you do it right, it may not matter at all. 

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3. Small Penises are Rare

If you think your penis is too small for woman, you might think about it again as having an extremely small penis is very rare. The percentage of men having micropenis is less than 1℅ measured as 2 ¾ inches (when erect) and this condition is noticed by the doctors when the baby is born, so it’s not something you should worry about when you are an adult. There is a treatment for micropenis and can be treated with hormonal therapy or surgeries. So, if you consider yourself too small for woman, you should probably measure it again. 

4. Circumcision may change the appearance of the Penis

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the penis, leaving the head of your penis exposed. Circumcision is a matter of choice and not so common. It may change how a penis looks and appears. A circumcised penis may look a little smaller than an uncircumcised one. When a circumcised penis is erect, the foreskin retracts and it is not so much visible. So, there isn’t any noticeable difference in how the penis looks. 

5. A Big Size Might be a Problem 

It’s normal for a man to have a fascination for adding more inches to their penis. However, most women do not prefer a big size. An average vagina is measured as 3.77 inches long, so having a big penis might be a problem for some. Most women, especially with a petite body complain of painful sex and the reason for it is a bigger penis size of their partner. 

Also, men with a bigger penis size may find it hard to find a condom that fits perfectly and doesn’t break. So, it may be possible that your partner may like a small-sized penis. Also, bigger penis size guys struggle to come as the penis requires friction to come which is sometimes difficult for a bigger penis size person. 


If you are a guy who thinks a lot that their penis size is too small for woman, you shouldn’t worry about it much, your penis is just fine. How small is too small for a woman? Well, most women do not complain that your size is too small for a woman to satisfy. For improving your performance, ask your partner what they would like to do in bed to orgasm, and remember, penetration alone, may not make a woman orgasm, it may make you sated but not your partner, so communication and performance is the key to a great sexual experience for both the partners to feel satisfied.

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