Want to look brighter, more supple and ageless even after 30 years? Improve your skin’s glow naturally and without any aid from plastic surgery with a vampire facialLessen the wrinkles and creases and let the skin rejuvenate more healthily. The result is quite impressive as the post-treatment face stays youthful and shiny for a long time.

Dermatologists say that your body fluid can do wonders, and the produced collagen will keep your skin taut and firm. In addition, using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) instead of other injections is safe and does not have the risks of skin irritation or allergies, as it is your blood. 

Let us explore the frequently asked questions about this facial treatment:

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What Is a Vampire Facial? 

The ‘Blood facial’ or ‘vampire facial’ gained popularity with the famous Kardashian sister, Kim Kardashian, when she posted on Instagram her blood covered face. The procedure involves drawing blood about 2-4 tablespoons from the intended individual and placing it in a centrifugal device to separate PRP.

What Is a Vampire Facial
What Is a Vampire Facial

This substance is applied to the skin to reduce wrinkles, improve complexion and cure acne scars. The discomfort you may experience is a bearable pain, swelling and bruises that disappear a few days later. 

How Does a Blood Facial Work? 

The expert uses an anaesthetic cream and a needle to draw blood from your arm in this treatment. Then the professional removes the platelets from the blood with the help of a machine. After the extracts plasma, he applies them to your face with the help of tiny needles.

How Does a Blood Facial Work
How Does a Blood Facial Work

The PRP is beneficial for producing collagen on your face. Once the PRP is extracted, your skin care specialist will apply it to your face and start micro needling. Then he delivers a series of tiny needles into the skin to trick the body into growing new tissue. As the process is entirely natural to restore your skin, the effect is long-lasting and a youthful, fresh look.

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Vampire Facial Cost 

Many married and unmarried women aged over 30 are interested in blood facials. These ladies are not afraid to use needles on their faces to look beyond anti-ageing creams. Getting your blood on your face may be initially horrifying, but it gained ample attention from countless women who want to prevent ageing and look younger.

But beauty doesn’t come so quickly. In different countries, the cost varies. The average cost of the facial may be around $1000-$3000. In India, if you go under this facial treatment, you may have to bear the cost of Rs. 30,000 only for under eye area and Rs. 80,000 for the entire face. 

To a great surprise, many women are not shy to spend this much amount for their skin rejuvenation with this natural and non-invasive facial.

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Vampire Facial Benefits 

As being natural and safe for your skin, this skin treatment is loaded with many benefits. They are:

1. Increasing Collagen Production

After 25 years, our body’s collagen production stops excessively. As the production gets hampered at a significant rate, the smoothness and softness of your skin recede. As a result, your skin starts to look dull and drooping. Vampire facials can rejuvenate your skin, and you’ll look younger with the increased collagen production. 

2. Reduce Wrinkles 

If your skin looks much older due to having fine lines and wrinkles, this facial can promote the new cell generation and revive the old ones on your face. It also helps to increase collagen and elastin levels. As a result, your skin looks much younger as the collagen makes it tightens naturally. 

3. Toned Skin

Collagen level is crucial to making your skin look younger, tighter and toned. If you don’t consider taking care of your face as you grow old, this may make your skin look saggy. Plump up your lips, cheeks and skin to meet your aesthetic goals.  

4. Retention of Skin Moisture

If your skin’s outer layer is thin, it will be unable to keep the moisturizer and is more susceptible to external irritants. A vampire therapy can aid in unclogging the facial pores and helping the skin to look glow.

5. Faster Treatment Procedure

This treatment is generally faster and takes less time to heal the wounds. Your skin care specialist will take 3-5 minutes to channel the blood through a centrifuge. During the therapy, the professional may take 30-60 minutes. Also, it has lesser downtime as compared to other aesthetic options. 

6. Lasting Results

Vampire treatment provides a long-lasting effect around 1 year from the date of getting it done to retain your youthful look.

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Post Blood Facial Precautions 

After you get this beauty care from your specialist, you need to ensure that the treatment lasts longer without potential damage. Add these tips to your aftercare plan for better results: 

  • Refrain from touching your face with your fingers for at least 6 hours to aid the special serum to work effectively. 
  • Apply an ice pack using a thin clean cloth on your face to avoid direct contact. Ice can help your skin by reducing swelling.  
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water the next day. However, don’t use any cleanser or soap to avoid skin irritation. 
  • Sleep on your back and avoid lying face down on the pillow to protect your skin from damage. 
  • Do not rub your skin and keep it dry.

How Long Will the Result Last? 

In general, the facial effect lasts for months to a year. Factors like your age, lifestyle and the number of fillers used in the treatment determine how long your facial blood result will last. However, you can prolong the effect using plasma in the filler treatments and save your further expenditure on skin care. 

A vampire facial is relatively safer than the other beauty treatment but not wholly immune from risks. For example, bloodborne diseases can be transmitted into your skin if the needles are not sterilized. So always make sure you undergo the treatment only from a qualified professional who uses disinfecting equipment, gloves and other safety measures.

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