Visiting the salon for your monthly facial can be pretty expensive. Let’s do the count: if each of your salon visits costs you around Rs. 750-1000, you lose out on Rs. 9000-12000 annually just on a basic facial that will rejuvenate your skin and make it glow just for a couple of days.

Not only that, do you know that regular facials are done with chemicals and bleach your skin which might prove to be harmful in the long run and even cause skin cancer? That’s right, alongside polishing your skin, it also puts you at severe health risks. This is why more and more women are turning to medi facials off late for a long-lasting radiance. 

What is Medi Facial?

According to dermatologists, medi facial or Medical Facial is a specific facial in which advanced technology, research protocols, and science-based ingredients are used. This kind of facial tends to focus upon specific ailments and conditions and is designed to treat acne, acne scarring, dark spots and pigmentations, sunburns and sun damages, dehydration of the facial skin, also to treat sensitive skin accordingly.

Since medi facials are designed for specific purposes, these are highly effective as compared to generic regular facials. Moreover, medi facials are performed under the supervision of dermatologists using skin-friendly ingredients that are scientifically proven to benefit YOUR skin in the long run. 

Unlike regular facials at beauty salons, medi facials are not based on the principle of chemical bleaching, but rather they employ the usage of vitamins, antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), etc. These ingredients help the skin to look radiant instantly as well as ensures anti-aging benefits in the long run, with no side-effects what-so-ever. 

Know about the Different Types of Medi Facial

There are several kinds of medi facials that dermatologists recommend depending upon your skin type and the problems that are affecting your skin. However, let’s get to know some of the popular treatments that fall under medical facials:

  • Water jet technology exfoliation

This medical facial employs high-pressure air and water to exfoliate the skin and simultaneously infuse skin solution to improve the hydration rate of the skin cells.

  • Hydradermabrasion

Hydradermabrasion is a crystal-free exfoliation technique that is used to remove dead skin cells. It simultaneously infuses and bathe the skin with water gently and helps in cleansing the skin without making the skin excessively dry.

  • Laser facial

Laser facials are an advanced medi facial that helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin and renders a bright radiance to the face. This kind of medical facial helps to stimulate the collagen, and further helps in reducing the pores and lighten the pigmentation without any downtime or side effects.

Medi Facial
Medi Facial

Laser facials are strictly performed by trained therapists and under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist. 

  • Stem cell facial

The stem cell facial is a kind of facial treatment that helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on a face. It also improves the clarity of the skin and prevents it from aging fast. The stem cell facial uses the patient’s own blood to separate out the platelet-rich growth factors. 

Like botox, these are applied on the face or injected into the skin to allow collagen stimulation. Stem cell facials are known for long-lasting results. 

The other popular kinds of medi facials include Miami Facial, OxyRevive, Neogenesis, Hydrafacial, Power Glow, Nano Vampire Facial, and Instabright. The Hydrafacial and Oxygeneo contain high-quality skin-brightening vitamins and serums and are composed of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), etc. 

Vampire facials are known to extract a person’s growth factor from the blood, which is then delivered back to the skin to reverse the process of aging. 

Are there any Benefits of Medi Facial?

There are several benefits of medi facial considering these facials are medical treatments that last long without any side-effects. 

Difference Between Regular and Medi-Facial

Aesthetic medi facials are known to improve the tone and texture of the skin alongside improving collagen production and thus, eventually slows down the aging process of the skin cells, tissues, and muscles.

The medi facials, as noted by some prominent dermatologists, are a mixture of technology like advanced lasers, light devices, exfoliation techniques like water jet and hydradermabrasion. This advanced technology helps to remove dead skin cells and speed up cellular turnover. The results of medi facial are also more appreciable and long-lasting than regular facials if a good skincare regiment is followed. 

The regular salon facials are generally followed by steam and bleach and milder low-quality products. Regular facials can brighten up the skin for a good day or two, but they are not effective in treating specific skin conditions. 

What are the cons of a regular facial?

Regular facials can cause more harm to your skin than good. The creams that the salons use for regular facials and face massages can cause harsh exfoliation of the skin, which can lead to damage to the skin barrier system. The creams that are used to massage the skin can also cause blockage of pores and result in active breakouts. 

Medi Facial
Medi Facial

Moreover, the constant use of bleach on the face can damage skin cells and cause skin cancer eventually. Furthermore, the regular salon facials give only temporary results and generally last for a few days at best.

To avoid harmful skin diseases, always research the products that your salon auntie uses on your skin and perform a patch test on your hand or behind your neck to make sure your skin is not sensitive to any of the ingredients present in the cosmetics. 

Why and when should you opt for Medi-Facial?

If you are looking to fix target specific skin concerns, or have a big day coming up (like a wedding function or a Diwali party), then you can opt for medical facials for instant results. Medi facials are known to have minimum downtime and also do not have any side effects.

In fact, medical facials tend to improve the tone and texture of the skin, and immediately brighten the skin which gets better with time. Medi facials also heal pigmentation scars, acne, stubborn acne marks, and fine lines. 

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