Valentines Day Surprise??? AAAHHH…The Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we all know how important it is for all of us. However careless we are, this day is one which never and will never go out of fashion! Isn’t it?? Well, for that purpose we have brought some unconventional tips for you to surprise your valentine this V-day! These are some of the tips which are not gender-specific, and you can shower your partner with all the love through this. Whether you are a lesbian, straight or anything, it doesn’t matter. These ideas are a work for all sort! 

How To Surprise Someone On Valentine’s Day?

Here are the 5 unconventional ways to surprise your partner on valentine's day:

1. Retro Dating Deeds

Yes, it may seem like something that most people don’t do. But that’s where it’s strength lies. That most people don’t do it. Not just that it’s something unique but also it will make you cherish your good old days. You can go for a number of things including skating rinks, carnivals, drive-in movie theatres. A quiet candlelight dinner in your balcony can be a beautiful way of expression too. You can go for long rides too. Even if you both are in a live-in relationship. Get ready in two different spaces, and then meet each other like you did when you were new. Give her bouquets, and give him kisses as you pecked on your first date! All this not just rewinds the past but will also make you feel how the time has evolved. 

2. Personal spa treatment as valentines day surprise

All of us know how beautiful, and soothing it feels when a spa girl gives you a good massage. But why go there when you have your personal masseur??? Ladies, gear up and give your man a personal spa treatment this Valentine’s Day. The one which he remembers for life! Start it off with a massage full of a candlelit room. Just so that he can get off his official schedule. Now, give him a quick lukewarm bath. You know how to play in there! Now, lastly, give him a face mask treatment so that his face relaxes too. You can always bring in your extra props by which we mean chocolates! Food play is something that really excites people, and hence, can act as a huge turn on for him! 

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3. Paint the day

There are couples who are extremely artistic and love each other for their ideas. If you are one of that kind, then definitely go for painting out your Valentine’s Day special. Make a portrait of him while making him sit whatever position you love. It is not just aesthetic but at the same time quite a turn on for him. Having said that, we hope you would have already imagined the “Titanic Rose-Portrait” scene. Just do it to make him remember the night forever etched in his memory. Later on, a gift that portrait to him! 

4. The sweet surprise of sweets? 

Well, for all the sweet tooth and light-hearted people out there, this is absolutely for you. If you love sweets, and so does your partner, then ditch your calorie count for a day and hog onto your favorite sweets together. But wait, not right away! Bake it for your better half ladies. Fasten your belts and bake up a heart-shaped cookie or try making a cake with a butter paper over it which includes both of your pictures! Once you are done, call him in and show it up. For a time like today, such couples are rare. It will be really unique as well as beautiful valentines day surprise. 

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day

5. A surprise visit

This one is the most conventional yet unconventional which never fails to surprise your partner. It is because seeing your partner after a long time can never go out of trend! If you and your guy work poles apart, then just reach out to his flat and surprise him up. But wait doesn’t go empty-handed… do carry some bouquets or his favorite sweet dish or a collage of your pictures together. These little things will make him remember how much you care as well as there are certain things which are special and relevant only to you both because you have been at that moment. And meeting this way is one such thing! 

So, these were some unconventional tips and tricks to make him love you as well as Valentine’s Day Surprise even more. Having said that, we wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day in advance. 

Wish you luck! 👍

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