How To Surprise Valentine this valentines day?? Valentine’s day is just around the corner, oh what a time to be in a relationship or to be dating someone you really like!  The Valentine’s is a whole month packed with love and intimacy. From the old to the young, everybody loves to go a little conventional on this occasion that marks and celebrates love worldwide. While you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with love and care for your men, don’t you think it’s about time you showed him how much he means to you i.e. how to surprise valentine on this valentine’s day? 

No, we are not telling you to send a bunch of thousand long-stemmed red roses at his doorstep and a giant teddy bear with a heart on it, but there are other things you can do for your guy that is bound to make him feel really special, and fall in love with you a little more than before. Every guy has a different outlook on romantic things, some might like the conventional candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant, and for some guys, the ideal date might be eating take-out dinner on the couch getting cozied up with their girlfriends. But we are here with just about the right tips for you to surprise your men and shower him with all your love in the right way.

How To Surprise Valentine?

Checkout some of the best ways of how to surprise valentine this valentines day:

1. The Love Letter

In this new age filled with instant texts, How To Surprise Valentine? go a little old fashioned and write him a love letter. You can also modify this idea by turning it into a postcard. Create Valentine’s day card for your men using your pictures, some ribbons, and colors, some hearts and glitter. You can make it artistic and creative. Make it personal and filled with love. Send this to him on Valentine’s day. Cards and letters show that you put the effort into creating it for them, and he will surely be moved by your effort of making a hand-crafted card for him.

2. The Surprise Trip

Was there ever someplace you always talked about going with your men? A place that he has been waiting to visit for long but it never happened? Well, now is the perfect time to book him a surprise trip to his dream place and spend Valentine’s day together with him this way. He will always cherish this memory of you gifting him the best Valentine’s day ever.

3. The Blindfold

The ultimate surprise you can give him. Blindfold your men and take him to a scenic place. Maybe his favorite place in the city, or by the lake, beach or a quiet, cozy place for you to spend the evening together with him. It will be an experience of a lifetime for him and for you to bond more with him.

4. The Classic Date

Classic Date
Classic Date

If you are feeling particularly conventional about this valentine’ day, you can go on the classic valentine’s evening routine with your men. Dress up in your most beautiful evening dress, go for a long drive with him, hold hands, romance each other. How to surprise valentine become easy with this way. Proceed to have dinner in a fine restaurant and go home and have an exciting night together with him. Even though this is the conventional valentine’s method, it is a classic and never fails to spark the love between couples.

5. The Chef

Everybody knows it – the way to a man’s heart goes through his tummy. Gear up ladies. Show your men what a trophy his girlfriend is. Cook him his favorite meal at your place and pop up the bottle of wine with some classic Marvin Gaye playing in the background. He will be really happy and fall in love with you a little more.

6. The Bedroom

Even if you are a shy girlfriend usually, it’s time you consider taking things up a notch for him. Dress up in sexy lacy lingerie, set the mood with some music and make your man live the night of his life. Try new things he’s never seen before. Be a seductive goddess, tease him, dance for him, striptease, or you can go even further and kinkier in the bedroom to make both of you remember this valentine’s night for the rest of your lives. You can get gifts for him for this special occasion too. Some recommended gifts for men are:

  • Gift hampers
  • Personalized gifts: mug, cup, pillowcase, etc.
  • Flowers: because it’s nice for a guy to receive flowers once in a while
  • Cake, chocolates
  • Fine Perfumes
  • Watches
  • Wallets and belts

Anything, when done with love, is about the right to speak volumes about your love for him. Try doing things that show him you really, really love him by these ways of how to surprise valentine this valentines day. Personalize your gifts as much as you can, and always appreciate him. Confess your true feelings about him, tell him how happy he makes you feel, and how lucky you are to have him in your life. Love is always better confessed. All these tips are bound to make him feel like he is the luckiest man in the world to have a loving girlfriend like you.

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