It is time for the ladies to speak up and make their opinions known. First and foremost, you should get the best inspirational feminist tattoos and flaunt them to the world. It's possible that getting a tattoo of a cute woman power design is just the pick-me-up you (and your gal pals!) need to feel more empowered. To stylishly communicate your inner feminist spirit, select a phrase from a list that includes options such as "GRL PWR" and "Self-Love Club." At this moment, more than at any other time in history, we are energized and self-assured in our natural femininity. It looks as if the time is perfect for feminists of all ages to acquire the best inspirational feminist tattoos that celebrate the power and autonomy of women. Some of the most talented tattoo artists in the world are responsible for the creation of these breath-taking works of art. From simple lines to expansive concepts, there is something here that will appeal to any self-assured woman out there. Not only do these best inspirational feminist tattoos serve as lovely reminders of the past for us, but they also send powerful messages to the rest of the world. 

I believe we can all agree that tattoos are stunning works of art, regardless of whether or not we ourselves have tattoos, even more so when they have a particular significance to the individual who has chosen to mark their body with one by subjecting themselves to the pain and discomfort of getting a tattoo (or seven). The acceptability of tattooing as a kind of body modification is growing at an astounding rate, despite the fact that many women may still face hostility from their families or workplaces in response to this type of self-expression. Everyone should get tattoos! The greater the number, the better!  

List of Best Feminist Tattoos

1. Cheeky

This Cheeky tattoo by Evelyn Hell is a combination of art inspired by sweetheart candies and pop art, and the message it conveys is really inspiring. Additionally, the positioning you get tattooed can be really appealing. 

2. Powerful 

This simple-looking line best inspirational feminist tattoo was done by Evelyn Hell, yet it is everything. It conveys a powerful message, and there is something enchanting about the eyes of this cat; hence, we are under its hypnotic influence.

Powerful Feminist Tattoos
Powerful Feminist Tattoos

3. This is Just Beyond

The body art that tattoo artist Alena Chun creates is often daring, fascinating, and filled with exquisite patterns. Her body of work is, in and of itself, rather powerful, but it is this tattoo that catapults her even more into our hearts. It's maybe the most powerful statement that we've ever seen tattooed on someone's knuckles. 

4. Preach 

Designed in an art deco style, this empowering tattoo design idea of a powerful woman gives just the right message. This work by Laura Staker at Skull and Rose Tattoo Studio in Elkton, Maryland, is fantastic, and we are huge fans of it.

Preach Feminist Tattoos
Preach Feminist Tattoos

5. Spotlight 

Choosing to decorate your home with a stunning wreath made of botanicals and inscribed in the middle with the words "Girl Power" is yet another ideal method to be reminded of everything that you have. Anna Zachariades is a tattoo artist.

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6. Playful 

This is just one more example of the incredible creativity that the tattoo artist Brie Brutal has, and we like the vibrant and lively patterns that she creates. We are in awe of the profound but utterly hilarious message. 

7. Decorative Declaration 

Although we are all very busy putting up a good fight in the world, it is imperative that we not forget this ever-important message: "self-love." Be sure to look after yourself. These best inspirational feminist tattoos were done by Brie Brutal, and it has some beautiful ornamental typography. 

8. Say it with Sprigs

The presence of a feminine emblem in these lovely and delicate sprigs created by Michaella Schorr demonstrates that flowers may convey any message.

Sprigs Feminist Tattoos
Sprigs Feminist Tattoos

9. Perfect Symbolism

Yes! Yes! Yes! Tattoo artist Julie Bolene has a profound understanding of the craft, and her designs always impress. 

10. Heart-Shaped

This tattoo created by Kamila Daisy not only warms our hearts but also gives us the feeling that we are unstoppable.

Heart-Shaped Feminist Tattoos
Heart-Shaped Feminist Tattoos


Tattoos are a means of self-expression, and a large number of women are utilizing them to loudly and plainly announce their feminism. These empowering tattoo design ideas demonstrate to us, whether via words or pictures, that feminism can be expressed in a plethora of different ways, with as much diversity as the people who carry the tattoos themselves. It is true that there are many different types of feminists out there, but one thing that we all have in common is the desire to see the patriarchy brought to its knees.

The modern civilization we are a part of demands us to have the intestinal fortitude and an optimistic outlook necessary to stand up and keep fighting for human equality. These little and best inspirational feminist tattoos aren't trying to be covert about the feminist principles they're trying to portray. If you want to demonstrate your inner badass while also showing your support for the feminist cause, continue reading for some bold and tiny inspiring feminist tattoos that you may employ. At the very least, you may use them as ideas and pin them on your boards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why do people choose to have little tattoos? 

To make a statement, the size of a tattoo is not always important. In today's culture, little tattoos are all the rage, particularly among ladies. Because delicate body art will look more proportionate than large pieces or full sleeves, it might give the impression of more elegance. This is especially true when compared to full sleeves or large pieces. Small tattoos are very simple to conceal with clothes because of their size. 

Q2. What exactly are women getting tattooed? 

Tattoos that are considered to be "feminine" are often characterized by a combination of particular characteristics, including styles such as watercolour, fine line, or minimalism; thin or medium lines; and the pictures themselves. On the other hand, tattoos do not actually have a gender; anybody may have a tattoo that is considered to be feminine. 

Q3. Where on a woman's body would a tattoo seem the most appealing? 

Both the upper back and the shoulder had ratings of 3.5, with the shoulder earning a little lower grade of 3.4. Those who were interested in women saw a connection between the women's upper back, shoulders, and hips (with a 3.3 rating). One of the most popular spots for tattoos on both men and women in the back.

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