Tattoos are almost everyone’s fascination! But before you get one you need to know some things about it to have a good experience. Most of the blogs will tell you about pain and stuff. Who doesn’t know tattoos ache??? So, we are here with some of the ideas which are a “been there, done that” kind of! 

Unique Things to Know About Tattoos

Here are some unique things about tattoos that you probably didn't know before. 

1. Time Consideration

Whenever getting a new tattoo done, consider the question of timing. Having your tattoo exposed to the sun or water can ruin it while it’s still new. So, if you are the one who can’t control reaching out to the beach in summers, never go about getting a tattoo done in that season. Spring and autumn are the two most ideal times when you should go to get it done. It is because neither it will cause a burning sensation nor there will be a need to cover it up while it heals!

2. Don’t go cheap

Tattoos are something that can also infect you! So, it’s important not to get it done in some cheap shop. Not just that you won’t find a good design at the same time it can leave your life scarred if it infects you. Always consider people’s or friends’ advice for a certain tattoo shop. If the shop is just way too cheap and many people have praised it then only go for it. Else don’t put your life at stake for a mere tattoo!

3. Research your artist as well as design

While it may seem like the most unimportant task ever, researching your artist is the most important thing you do! After all, you are staking your body to that artist. Choose the artist by looking well into their portfolio and of course the reviews. Check their style of art and whether you both are on the same page or not. Sites like Facebook and Yelp can be of great help about this.

4. Keep the face away

For those who are deeply mad about tattoos, please remember you are getting a permanent thing done. So, if you get it on your face, you are going to have it for a lifetime. And at this stage, you may like it but maybe after a certain point in time, you will start regretting it. So, beware before you go about getting your face painted!

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5. Bepanthen+ beforehand

Your tattooist doesn’t need to supply you with a Bepanthen+ or any kind of care cream. So, have it in advance before advancing your feet in the tattoo parlor! The best part about this rash cream is that it’s suitable for both soft as well as sore skin. Also, while your tattoo is still fresh, it keeps it from spilling out blood. Apply this cream twice daily.

6. Go for a visual aid

Understanding what you are going to have way in advance is important. So, before you get that tattoo done, ask your tattooist to show you how it will look. At times, it happens that we have misconceptions about some designs which we realize only once it’s done. So, to save yourself from that, ask him to show you the exact look beforehand.


7. Don’t shave twice

If you are going to have your tattoo on the area where you shave regularly, then don’t shave before the tattoo heals. If you do it, you may get severely hurt. Also, try not getting a tattoo where you have excessive hair naturally as if you shave often, you may feel itchy or rashy.

8. Touch up session

If you feel like some of the lines in your tattoo are blurry, go ahead without hesitation and ask your artist to do it all. It’s important because if you go on with it the same way; then at a certain point in time, your design will look too awkward. Remember the quote- “Leave not a speck that may cause a wreck!” Also, for the ones who think there will be more pain, you are already in pain, add up to it a little rather than adding up to it at a later stage!

So, these were some quick facts about getting a tattoo done that no one tells you about. Being a first-timer, you should have it all at your fingertips to have a satisfactory experience at the tattoo parlor! 

Stay tuned! 

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