How to make a temporary tattoo? Body modifications are all the rage now from Instagram to TikTok to Tumblr. Tattoos and piercings are ways to modify and enhance your appearance. Some people love putting art on their bodies and dazzling them with beautiful pieces of jewelry. Some book nerds have their ways of making themselves a part of the faction “Dauntless” from the trilogy series of Divergent.  

Not just that, teenagers on TikTok have also been adorning tattoos. And, trust me, if it’s on TikTok, it is a trend that you must follow!  

Otherwise too, some people love tattoos but the Chandler Bing Syndrome of not committing to anything long term bites them too. But, guess what, there are temporary tattoos that last anywhere from a few hours to a month. And, the best part – these temporary tattoos all fall in the do-it-yourself category!

Well, you have never been more thankful for the internet. Have you? 

How to Make Temporary Tattoos?  

Below is the guide of making temporary tattoos:

How to make a temporary tattoo with an eyeliner

This is one of the easiest tricks on the market for DIY temporary tattoos. Follow this step by step guide to make your temporary tattoo with an eyeliner. 

Step 1: Pick a design

The most important part of your tattoo journey be it permanent or temporary should be the design picking stage. Explore all your options and consider your comfort level.

While at this step, you must also think of what design would be more appropriate considering tattoos are seen as unprofessional, hence you would want to pick something small and not too conspicuous. But, during this quarantine period, you can choose to go bold as we are all working from home!

Step 2: Practice drawing the design

When making a temporary tattoo with an eyeliner, you will be drawing this design on your body. So, you must practice drawing the design several times on paper. 

Step 3: Pick a spot on your body

Where would you like to place this tattoo? Choose a spot that’s reachable and easy for you to draw on. The drawing would be easier on the part where there is no hair. The only tip that you need to follow for this step is: Choose your comfort level.

Step 4: Start drawing!

Go slow and easy. A design that is easy to draw with an eyeliner would be something that does not have a lot of finer lettering or calligraphy. Choose a simple word tattoo for the eyeliner DIY method. 

Step 5: Seal the deal

Once you are finished drawing your temporary tattoo with an eyeliner, just put some hairspray on the design to seal it. Do not drench the design completely in the hairspray. Keeping the hairspray 6 inches away from the temporary tattoo, put it on the design lightly to seal it in one place. 

And, voila! Your temporary tattoo with eyeliner is done! This tattoo will probably stay up for a month. To remove the tattoo, take a cotton pad, dip it in some warm water and rub it on the tattoo.

How to make a temporary tattoo with printer

A little bit time consuming than the eyeliner method, this technique of making a temporary tattoo with a printer allows you to explore more intricate, finer, and bolder details. Follow the steps below to make your temporary tattoo with a printer.

Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tattoos

Step 1: Go bold when picking the design

This method saves you the effort of drawing, so if you are not a born-artist this one’s for you! Pick a design of your dreams for this method. If you have an ink-jet printer, don’t be afraid to choose a design with colors in it.

Step 2: Time for printing

Make sure to use a water slide paper for printing. Water slide paper is the one that has a matte side over which there is an adhesive and a plastic sheath over the adhesive. You will be able to find this paper in any stationery outlet.

Before printing, make sure to resize the photo and reverse the orientation of the photo, so that once you print it out and put it on your body it looks like the original. Also, when setting up the printer, make sure to set it on the high-quality mode.

Step 3: Put the tattoo on the chosen spot

Once the design is printed, put the paper on the chosen spot and put a cloth dipped in warm water on the paper. Make sure to keep the paper steady and put the cloth over the paper on for at least 2 minutes so that the tattoo gets imprinted on your skin completely without any traces left back on the paper.

Yay! This way you will master the art of making temporary tattoos with a printer. Sure, this is a little bit tricky as compared to the process of DIY-ing temporary tattoos with eyeliner – but it is really worth it! Try for yourself.

How to make a temporary tattoo with Stencil

This method is going to make you feel like a professional tattoo artist. Follow the steps below to find out how this process is easier than making a temporary tattoo with a printer.

Step 1: Pick a simple artsy tattoo design

Because it is the stencil method, it will be great if you go for something that’s more artistic and bold.

Step 2: Make the stencil

Take an index paper and with the help of a cutter or a penknife, cut the paper accordingly to make your design.

Step 3: Pick some marker pens

Once your stencil is ready, get some marker ones. Use all the colors that you like. Try taking the markers that are safe to be used on the skin.

Step 4: Fill in!

Keep the stencil on the chosen spot of your body. Again, for this method choose a reachable place. Put the stencil on the spot, and start coloring with the help of the markers. 

Woohoo! You have your temporary tattoo with minimal effort and zero commitment needs!

These methods of making a temporary tattoo are easy, cheap, and fun to try! However, it is important to be cautious while trying these DIY temporary tattoos if you have skin allergies or if you have very sensitive skin.

Be safe and have fun!

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