Having ear pierced sounds funky and awesome. So, if you have decided to get your ears pierced and look pretty, that’s not all! You are not even halfway through girl!! Ear piercing is complicated as aftercare matters a lot otherwise you will end up with gross pus on your piercing old or new. Sadly, ear piercings are dicey no matter how much care you take infections are always possible. It all depends on hygiene maintenance and the quality of the jewelry you are wearing in your ears. 

Piercings are open wounds that need time and extra care to heal. Piercings on the earlobes heal in about six to eight weeks. Cartilage piercings take longer to heal and are more vulnerable to infections because the area is hard compared to the earlobes. 

Why do Infections Occur?

If your ears were pierced in an unhygienic condition like the area of your ear for piercing was not sterilized properly or most probably you got lazy with the aftercare may induce infection. The accumulation of bacteria in the pierced area is the culprit behind the infections.

What does a minor infected Pierced Ear look like?

If your pierced ears look red, discharges, swelling in the area and you feel pain in that area, sorry my friend your piercing is infected. No worries, minor infections can be treated at home itself. 

What does a severely infected Pierced Ear look like?

A severely infected ear would have more redness, swelling and you may also witness the formation of pus in the area. In some cases, people also go down with fever due to heavy infection.

How to Treat Infected Ear Piercings? 

If you are suffering from a minor infection, then you can make it go away by following a few steps at home

  • The first thing to do is wash your hands properly, sanitize them before touching the piercing. Half of the infection is due to the transfer of bacteria from your hands to the ears.
  • Cleanse the pierced area with antiseptic liquid two to three times a day and apply antibiotic cream on the earring sticks before putting them back on your ears.
  • Keep both sides of the ear clean and dry with a clean paper towel only.

You have to continue with this regiment until the infection disappears completely. A gentle reminder for you: Do not use your daily use of a cotton towel to clean and dry your pierced area because that towel may be full of germs. A more natural home remedy, you can also apply oil such as coconut oil, sesame oil, or olive oil in the area which provides lubrication and is said to have healing properties. 

In case of a minor infection, you should not remove the earring and put it away. This way, the piercing will get closed trapping the germ and it will be hard and painful for you to put the earring back on again. Trust me! I have experienced the pain and it is not pleasant at all and is scary not being able to put the earring back on.

If the condition of the piercing gets worse or if the home remedy isn’t working and you are in major discomfort with fever, then you should go visit your doctor for guidance. Worst case scenario you will have to take off your earrings and forget that you pierced your ears. 

Pierced Ears
Pierced Ears

How to Avoid Infection on Pierced Ears?

It is advisable that you wear earrings of stainless steel or at least 14 karat gold. The material of the earrings that you wear matters a lot until it is completely healed. You should avoid nickel-based earrings which may induce infections. In short, go for earrings with quality and standard. Even if it will cost you a bit it is always better to spend some money rather than suffer from an infection.

Always get your ears pierced at a reputed salon with experienced employees who will use properly sterilized tools for the piercings. Going to the right place is also essential because they will guide you regarding how to take care of your ears after the piercing. You will be trusting them with your ears and if their hands are not stable, you might end up getting hurt and have a bad experience overall. 

Take care♥

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