Even if it isn’t spring, you should take a second look for cleaning closet. We’re materialistic beings and we like having a lot of things. But you have to consider how much clutter that’s adding to your life.

If you put your hands into your closet to find a scarf, and you emerged with a mismatched pair of socks and a shirt you haven’t seen in a year, then this article is for you about the cleaning closet!

Why is Cleaning Closet Necessary?

The biggest reason to reevaluate your wardrobe is that things change! Cleaning out your closet may just seem like another cleanup job to you, like tidying the kitchen or dusting around the house. But wardrobe cleaning is much more than that. Styles and fashions change, and you need to revamp your wardrobe to keep up.

You might have kept things you wore a few years ago but now no longer wear, and you should make space for things you want to buy. You’ll discover a lot of stuff you’ve just not paid attention to for months! So for the cleaning closet, you need to go through it properly.

How Do You Begin with Cleaning Closet

Get your clothes and accessories and belts, and whatever else you keep in your wardrobe out. All of it, even the stuff you just leave in a corner normally. Now divide it into piles of clothes and accessories that you will definitely keep, that you’re not sure about, and that you need to donate to a charity or give to family and friends.

You can, of course, make smaller piles of these as well, but here are some things you should consider.

  • Be strict (but not too strict) with yourself when it comes to clothing to keep. Did you wear this top at all this month? Or in the last two to three months? Are you keeping it because of sentimental reasons, or are you keeping it because you’re hoping you’ll suddenly lose size and fit into it? 
    You have to consider both practicality and emotion here. If it really will hurt you to give something away, don’t do it, but be a little ruthless.
  • Do you think you’re suddenly going to fit into these shoes? Unlikely. You could give them to a friend or donate them. 
    If something is realistically likely to fit you if you were a bit smaller or larger, then check if you can get it altered. Otherwise, don’t hold out hope. 
    Giving away clothing means someone else actually gets to wear it, instead of it sitting in the back of your closet!
  • If you have clothes that are looking a little worse for wear and can be spruced up with a bit of alteration, check if any shops do alterations, or sew it together yourself, or maybe ask a friend or family member to do it. 
    Try to make clothes last as long as possible, it’s a good and sustainable habit, even if you’re not on a budget.

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Cleaning Closet
Cleaning Closet
  • If you have random, miscellaneous clothing like band T-shirts and funny hats that you never wear, just bite the bullet and give them away!
  • Keep your basics! Your white tees and your little black dresses will always be in style, and if you love the piece, then don’t think about giving it away. If you don’t have a good collection of basics, you should get on that!
  • Get rid of duplicates. If you’ve got four black T-shirts sitting in your closet, and they all pretty much look the same, you can get rid of at least two. You won’t miss them for sure!

How do I know what I should keep after cleaning closet?

Giving away clothing often isn’t easy for us, we attach memories to it. Wardrobe cleaning has to be approached with the right mentality! If you’re determined to hold on to everything, you’ll end up back to square one.

The best estimate to check if you should keep it is – have I worn it in the past six months, do I look good in it, and do I like wearing it? If you can answer all these affirmatively, you’ve got your answer.

Cleaning Closet
Cleaning Closet

But it’s okay to keep a few sentimental pieces and knick-knacks here and there.

Just make sure there’s space in your closet for new trends you want to hop on or something you’ve been dying to get but have been feeling guilty splurging on because of all the unworn stuff in your wardrobe! Well, now you can go to buy it.
So the cleaning closet is fun! Your fashion-forward self won’t regret it. 

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