When we go shopping and see something pretty, the most common thought that comes to our minds is about tiny closet hacks and I have to buy this one. At that moment of excitement, some women struggle and try to be practical about their requirements. On the other hand, some ladies don’t give much thought and purchase what they love. Although we feel happy after purchasing the outfit of our choice spontaneously, some of us have to face a tiny issue of storing our new purchase. 

The reality is not everyone owns a huge closet. However, this doesn’t stop us from buying new clothes, does it, ladies? With this, our closets become a mess very often with too many clothes as per the capacity. So, for all the ladies out there who struggle to organize their small-sized closet with too many clothes, we are here for you with some useful tiny closet hacks. 

Tiny Closet Hacks that You Must Know

Here are some of the effective tiny closet hacks you must know 

1. Empty your closet: step one of the tiny closet hacks 

Before you start organizing your wardrobe, which looks like a tornado hit area, take everything out. This way, you will be able to sort your closet better in an organized manner. 

Most of us have the habit of storing every outfit in our closet and forget about them. We become attached to our clothes and keep everything, saving them for someday. Once you empty your closet, you can rethink your choice of keeping it. 

2. Sort your clothes by its type

For this, you have to fold your clothes by its types – like jeans, tops, shirts, skirts, etc. in different sections. For instance, fold your pants and keep them on one side, followed by your shirts, dresses, tops, and so on. This way, it will be much easier for you to find your clothes, making less mess. Most of us make a mess of our closets when we go through our clothes. This is one of those clothes storage hacks that may sound weird but can come out to be very useful.  

3. Sorting your clothes by colors

Sorting your clothes by colors is one of the most unique tiny closet hacks you will ever hear. You can try this small closet organizer trick along with the above-mentioned hack of sorting clothes by its type. 

Tiny Closet Hacks
Tiny Closet Hacks 

Keep your clothes in your closet color-wise – blacks, whites, pinks. 

4. Take the help of small closet organizer pouches

Looking for tiny closet hacks? Try the closet organizing pouches to make some space in your wardrobe. You can fold your clothes according to your liking or as per the type of clothing, and keep them inside the pouches. Keep in mind, this is only possible for the tops, shirts, and dresses that you can fold. 

5. Fold your clothes the right way

The way you fold your clothes also matters a lot. Try folding your clothes in an organized manner to make your storage easier. The folding of clothes is also an art, and honestly, most of us barely have any ideas about it. 

Tiny Closet Hacks
Tiny Closet Hacks 

Believe it or not, there are specific ways to fold shirts, socks, underwear, towels, etc. Who knew that you can fold underwear in a specific manner, right?

6. Clothes hanger hooks 

Apart from the above mentioned tiny closet hacks, clothes hanger tips that you can try is using clothes hanger hooks to hang your belts, scarves. Even though scarves barely take any space, hanging them on hooks will make everything more organized. Clothes hangers are available in the form of racks with hooks, single hooks with adhesive. So use accordingly. 

7. Clothes hanger stand

If you have been wondering how to store long dresses in a short closet, well you can use hangers.  Nowadays, we see fashion influencers keep and use clothes hanger stand at their house. If your room has enough space, you can choose a corner and place the stand there. 

Tiny Closet Hacks
Tiny Closet Hacks 

The idea of a hanger stand may sound as if it will take most of the space in your room. You can take some clothes hanger tips from fashion influencer Komal Pandey as she uses one too. 

8. Store away the off-season clothes

It is practical to keep the clothes of the current season in your closet. If you keep both the winter and summer outfits together in your closet, it will definitely consume most of the space. Out of all the tiny closet tips, storing away the offseason clothes is the most efficient tip to sort your wardrobe. 

For instance, with the summer season going on, it is a good idea to pack your winter outfits and keep them in a bag. So, these are 8 unique yet handy tiny closet hacks that you can try if you mostly can’t seem to find anything on time. The thing is the way we fold our clothes and keep them in our closet also has a lot of impacts. 

It won’t be wrong to say that some of us fold shabbily and keep the clothes in the wardrobe. We just don’t like to fold clothes, that’s it! So, all the ladies who face the same issue can try taking out all the off-season outfits and keep only the clothes of the current season. 

Tiny Closet Hacks
Tiny Closet Hacks 

On a different note, we ladies love to go on a shopping spree sometimes, and we all understand the happiness. But, it is always wise to think before you shop. We get it when you see an outfit that you really love while shopping, all you can think about is I want this. Some women are strong enough to overcome this urge to buy everything that catches their eyes while shopping. Unfortunately, not all women are this strong. Remember how Rebecca from the movie Confessions Of A Shopaholic felt while shopping. 

For some of us, everything in life seems to be good when we shop, isn’t it girls? Shopping is a therapy for most of us women, an escape from our daily chaotic life. So, until then, try these tiny closet hacks to keep your clothes in an organized manner. 

Take care♥

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