With beach days, bikinis, and barbecues on the horizon, it's time to get your summer nails done! Getting your nails done is excellent if you want to pamper yourself this summer. 

While maintaining a neat and professional manicure all year round is a good idea; summer demands you to be adventurous and have fun. These days, summer nail trends and bright, colorful nail designs are floating around social media. The choices are endless, from embracing ultra-bright colors to stylish shapes, nail piercings, and bold designs. 

Whether you have acrylic nails, gel nails, or natural nails, these summer nail ideas look incredible on all nail types. Here are some of the top summer nail tips and ideas!

10 Summer Nails Ideas For Beach Season

1. Rainbow Nails 

Summer is the season to go all out. If you are looking for nail inspiration, try to go bright and fresh like the tropical weather. Rainbow nail is a fruity cocktail of cheerful and pastel shades like mint blue, mustard yellow, lilac, powder blue, pink, etc. Your nails will get all the attention they deserve and match all the bikinis you wear this season!

2. Gradient Nails

Gradient summer nails are your best option if you are looking for a colorful and peppy look. Gradient summer nails use multiple complementary colors on the same nail to create a balanced gradient effect, and the colors usually blend seamlessly without appearing tacky. This summer, you will see a lot of gradient nail designs, and thus, it's the best time to try them!

3. Heart Nails

The heart nails inspired by The Powerpuff Girls are the ultimate Gen-Z summer nail design. Going all out and embracing the standout look when you are young is essential. These are suited for all nail types! You can achieve that with the heart summer nails trend. Choose colors like red and bold pink to feel summer-ready. It is the perfect summer nail idea for pool picnics, bonfires, and beach parties! 

A Guide Through Summer Nails
Heart Nails

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4. Cartoon Clouds Nails

If you stay tuned to Instagram trends, you have probably seen the cartoon clouds summer nails trend. Although cartoon cloud nails trended all winter, they also give off summer vibes. There's no better way to stand out from the crowd than doing something different. The best things? 

This summer nail trend is DIY-able, and you can do it at home. All you need is bright nail paint in any color, an art brush, and the perfect opaque white shade. 

5. Graphic Art Nails

For a style statement look, give your summer nails the ultimate makeover by showing off your graphic nails. You can embrace your artistic and creative side by choosing bold graphic art designs. Pick contrasting colors, matching textures, text, matte finish, etc. Quotes and messages are a massive trend this summer, so why not try them?

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6. 90's Inspired American Manicure

Are you looking for summer nails that are simple and seem professional? Try out the 90's inspired American no chip manicure. Perfect for working women, it is a minimalist design with a professional edge to it. You can never go wrong with classic nails!

The 90's inspired American manicure is simple to the French manicure but has less definition around the tips, and it is more subtle and ideal for a summer holiday. 

7. Butterfly Nails

Nothing screams summer like pretty butterflies. If you are into that dainty look, the butterflies' summer nails are the ideal one for you. These butterflies will remind you of the summer days ahead and lift your spirits whenever you see them. 

If you are looking for a simple DIY alternative to the butterflies summer nails trend, you can try butterfly stickers instead! They are convenient to put on and low-maintenance. 

8. Smiley Nails

Another Gen-Z-inspired colorful nail idea for summer, smiley nails are the perfect balance between quirky and pretty. These smiley nails are trendy on Instagram, and celebrities like Dua Lipa and Harry Styles have been spotted wearing them. Ask for multiple bright colors to give the classic yellow smileys a fun twist! 

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9. Pastels

You can try soothing color with pastel nails if bright and rainbow nails are too much for you. Pastels are perfect for summertime beach parties and match any outfit, and they are minimalistic, low-maintenance, and look incredible. You can go for little flower accents if you want to add some spice to your pastel summer nails. For instance, a pastel pink shade with white flowers is an excellent place to start!

10. Slime Green Nails

Last but not least, slime green is the summer color of the year! If you want something bold and peppy but not crowded, slime green nails are the perfect summer nail idea. They will make your nails pop and draw all attention toward your hands. Paired with a bright orange bikini, they complete the Pinterest-worthy summer look! 

4 Tips to Maintain Your Summer Nails

When you spend time and effort trying to achieve the perfect summer nails, you should also learn to take care of them. Here are a few summer nails tips for the season:

1. Keep your Hands Clean

Gently wash your nails with soap or shower gel when you take a bath. Also, remember to clean the sand away from your nails once you return from the beach. 

2. Consider a Top Coat Application

If you want your nails to look summer-ready at all times, seal the nail design with a durable top coat. The top coat usually prevents chips and cracks from developing in your polish. 

3. Avoid Acetone

Chemicals like acetone never work well with acrylic summer nails. Thus, using acetone nail polish remover is not a good idea. You should head to the nail tech if you want a change. 

4. Use Vitamin E or Shea Butter

It is imperative to keep the skin around your nails healthy. You can use vitamin E oil or shea butter to keep the skin moisturized. 

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