When a trend goes in fashion, everyone literally follows. Nail art has been flourishing around the internet with celebrities, YouTubers flaunting the same. As for their popularity, they are not new and have been around for years yet they are not as popular as acrylic nails! So let us enlighten you about the style that hasn’t been in limelight and is surely underrated!

History of Fiberglass Nails and Acrylic Nails

In the late 1980s, the fiberglass nail wrap was anciently a highly demanded manicure technique that was used earlier. After the invention of acrylic nail technique, it quickly replaced the former and came out to be the golden standard in artificial nail solutions. After the increase in the popularity of acrylic 90s and 2000s, fiberglass nails again started to get famous and made a pretty big impact. 

What Are Fiberglass Nails?

Fiberglass nails are synonymous with silk wraps, the only differentiation between the two is the usage of the type of fabric wherein silk seems to be not that appearing, fiberglass proves to be mildly stronger. Now, this involves the usage of thin, malleable and  flexible products that are made up of material like silk, fiberglass or other fabrics. These nails are thin wraps applied to the nail for extra reinforcement that can highlight your nails and showcase beautiful designs on the same! It can be used as a natural nail coating and they can also be used within the acrylic nails that shall provide extra strength and reinforcement.

Difference Between Acrylic and Fiberglass Nails

The difference between fiberglass nails and acrylic nails can be initiated with the point that Fiberglass nails are traditionally as well as naturally much thinner than acrylic and hence, gives a natural look. Talking about the thickness, Acrylic nails are thick and rigid however, like fiberglass, thin nails might seem to give a natural look, yet they are not durable enough like other nail enhancements, fiberglass nails and wraps are flexible and can easily break down in water over time.

Because of this, the same is not suitable for women who usually are required to put their hands in water or wash their hands often or who engage in activities of lifting. On the counterpart, they can be less damaging in comparison to other techniques such as acrylic or SNS. With them being not much damage for nails, they are recommended to customers for growing out their natural nails. 

Fiberglass Nails
Fiberglass Nails

Are Fiberglass Nail Wraps Safe for Natural Nails?

As mentioned earlier, these kinds of nail wraps are famously known for being safe and gentle on your natural nails compared to others like acrylic and gel manicures. The reason behind this is the material and the resin usage creates and shapes the nails in accordance with your desired shape as well as size. It is an obvious matter that all the options in manicure have a small risk of damaging your natural nails.

However, if your nails are broken from ends or brittle for that matter, we might want you to know that they might not stand as a solid candidate for getting fiberglass nails or any other method till they become healthy nails on the other side of the coin, if your nails are already healthy enough and good in condition, getting fiberglass nails might actually give you an experience of your nails getting strengthened.

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Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Nails

As you have come to know a lot how fiberglass nails are, its comparison with acrylic, and how safe it is for your natural nails to its durability, it is also significant for you to understand the advantages as well as disadvantages when you choose to get this method done in your manicure.

Pros/ Advantages

So let us throw some light into the pros and the cons of fiberglass nails when you choose the same, so you can balance out your priorities and make a smart decision! We recommend you read the same carefully before getting your nails done!

  • It provides you with a natural appearance.
  • It has minimal damage to your natural nails.
  • You can easily remove it
  • Comparatively, it is durable in many situations
  • Has less smell while applying than other methods.
  • no dust during application of fiberglass nails.
  • In the event of a broken nail, touch ups shall be easy to do and fast

Cons/ Disadvantages

  • Can come up if you submerge your hands in water.
  • Ain’t as durable as acrylic
  • Not recommendable to people with brittle or broken nails
  • time-consuming. Only professionals should apply fiberglass nail wraps
  • Application at home is not easy!
  • More expensive than most other manicures methods
  • Not able to build an arch with fiberglass nail wraps.
  • If the nail is already quite flat, the same shall be the result of it
Fiberglass Nails
Fiberglass Nails

So, with the above information, we have provided you with the complete guide to fiberglass nails, now you’ve got the time to choose wisely and consult the same with a professional, and inquire about their fiberglass nail services!

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