No chip Manicures brought a revolution in the nail world. One manicure session and your nails will reach their peak at once! You will get lustrous, strong, and long-lasting nails in no time. The best thing? They do not even need your efforts to look amazing every day! 

Yet, like everything wonderful, No Chip manicures come with a price too – they are NOT healthy for your nails. They interfere with the moisturizing properties of your nails and can make them soft and breakable. 

But seeing all these fashion influencers and icons sporting them, it’s too hard to resist and you are tempted to get them irrespective of their aftereffects. Wouldn’t it be amazing if No Chip manicures could also be safe and you could have them being worry-free? 

Guide To No-Chip Manicures

To your rescue ladies, here is the ultimate guide to no-chip manicure! 

1. For nails

Nails might form a very small part of us but they have a great influence on our image. While a no-chip manicure will make them fabulous, it will be restricted only to the outside image and not the inside. Regular no-chip manicures will make your nails get used to the gel layer and make them weak inside. Once you have opted for the path of no-chip manicures, they don’t leave you with the option to come back. Those days are gone for good! Here are the post No Chip Manicure care tips for you, to make your nails stay healthy always! 

2. Moisturise

Nails should always be moisturized to maintain their healthy texture. However, it becomes especially important after a moisture-seeking manicure like the no-chip manicure. To retain the moisture, apply nail creams twice a day and try to keep them on for as long as you can. A good time will be when you are busy watching your favorite soaps! Try to get creams that contain vitamin E, urea, phospholipids, or lactic acid as their key components. 


3. DIY

Dip your fingers in warm milk twice a week. The milk will give the nails their moisture besides improving their color and texture! 


4. Some Love

Post a no-chip manicure, you can opt for a nail strengthener instead of a gel nail polish to give your nails some love and care. They will give back by being healthier than ever! A bonus? The natural color of nails is in fashion always! 

5. A Break

Everything requires a break. At some point in time, your nails will have had enough and will need a break. Give them some open air. You can also cut your nails short and help them to grow healthily. Take a break from long nails and nail paints and be amazed to see them come back better! 

6. Healthy Meal

To have healthy nails you need to have healthy meals for them. Have foods rich in proteins and fibers. Celebrity nail stylists recommend including blueberries, strawberries, and bananas among fruits, leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli, and whole grains such as brown rice in your diet. 

7. For Cuticles

For Cuticles
For Cuticles

No, these can’t be forgotten. Cuticles are as important as nails are and deserve equal attention! A healthy cuticle will mean a healthy nail. Follow the steps to have healthy cuticles growing! 

8. Apply Cuticle Oil

Moisture is extremely important to cuticles as well. Massage cuticle oils 2 times daily! If oils are too much of a hassle for you, a skin moisturizer or petroleum jelly will be a good alternative. 

9. Hot Wax Treatments

The treatment fulfills every need of your cuticles and is a perfect way to get healthy cuticles! 

Do's and Don'ts

Here are some dos and don'ts that you must know for beautiful nails.

  • Do make sure to apply sunscreen before the UV exposure. UV exposures without sunscreens will significantly raise your risk for skin cancer.
  • Do opt for safe nail polishes.
  • Don’t do dishes or wash clothes with bare hands. The chemicals involved can be extremely drying and will degrade the quality of your nails.
  • Don’t peel off the nail paints by yourself. Gel nail paints adhere to your nails and also bring the top layer of your nails if you peel them off. Instead, visit a salon to get them removed safely.


For color removal, you can also dip cotton in acetone and wrap it around until the color comes off. We suggest visiting the salon though since proper application and removal of gel nail paints are extremely important and doing so will minimize its side effects. 

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