Tongue piercing revived in the 90s. When celebrities started flaunting it, they made a bold statement and encouraged the youth to get tongue piercings. In short, they made it look pretty cool. And no doubt it is. But getting a piercing or quite frankly a hole in your oral cavity can look a little painful. 

These days tongue piercings have come back to the surface again as youngsters got it done to stand out from the crowd. For those who have already gone through that experience and got the piercing done, congrats to them. The idea of getting your body pierced and ornamented with a piece of jewellery is quite rebellious. You might realize that most of them have recounted that time and shared that the pain was less extreme than biting your tongue. 

If the thought of getting your tongue pierced has ever crossed your mind or you are about to get it pierced, then we have answered all the questions related to the same. How much does the piercing cost, how much does it pain to get one and what are the effects, we have covered it all.  

Conditions When You Should Not Get Your Tongue Pierced 

  1. If you happen to have a super short tongue that you can’t roll out, then getting it pierced is not your cup of tea. 
  2. If there is a vein at that spot where you want to get your tongue pierced, then it is advised that you do not get the job done. It can cause severe issues. 
  3. Health conditions that are related to nerves and paralysis are also a reason to not get your tongue pierced. There are crucial nerves in your tongue area that can get affected if you get a hole in your tongue. 
  4. If you don’t like having bad breath, you probably shouldn’t go for a tongue piercing. Plaque builds up on the piece of jewellery, leading to pungent breath. 
  5. Don’t go for an inexperienced piercing artist. Chances are that he might ruin the whole experience for you and you’d be left to deal with the aftermath. 

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What is the Age For You To Get a Tongue Piercing?

There’s no such age for you to get a tongue piercing or any limit to when you should not. It is totally up to you. But the British Body Piercing has a Code of Practice and Ethics. They say that it is not advisable to get a piercing if you are under the age of 14 years. If you fall under the age of 14 to 16 years there should be a guardian in whose presence you can get the job done. Some studios have age limits and do not let youngsters get a tongue piercing as it can be a painful experience.

Cost of Tongue Piercing 

Tongue piercings on average cost 3000 to 4000 INR depending on whether you want that standard titanium or the better option Teflon coated titanium. However, the pricing may differ with the kind of piercing you want. It can cost a lot more if you want to go a little extra and want to get a Swarovski crystal pierced in your tongue. 

Now, coming to the most asked and sought question of all time. 

Do the Piercings Hurt? 

Do the Piercings Hurt
Do the Piercings Hurt

Well, everyone has a different experience of piercing, whether it may be anywhere on your skin or even inside your mouth. Not denying the fact that getting your oral cavity pierced doesn’t hurt, it sure does. The experienced ones say that the pain is not as much as that when you sometimes bite your tongue. After you are done getting the piercing it might be uncomfortable for a few days but you will soon get used to it. You will be able to speak and eat normally as the piercings won’t affect you that much. 

However, if you get a frenulum piercing (frenulum is a web that attaches your tongue to the lower region of the mouth) people might not be able to understand your speech. 

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What You Should Avoid Once You Get Your Tongue Pierced?

Here are some things that you need to be avoided after getting your tongue pierced:

  1. Say bye to drinking alcohol or smoking once you have gotten the piercing. 
  2. Again, use a non-alcoholic wash to avoid any distress.
  3. Aspirin causes the blood to thin, so stay away from it. 
  4. Hot drinks irritate the tongue and hence avoid that too. 
  5. We get it that the new piercing can be fascinating but you should absolutely avoid touching it. 
  6. Wait for it to heal if it causes any irritation and if it continues consult a doctor. 

Can You Pierce Your Tongue On Your Own? 

Tongue Piercing
Tongue Piercing

Well, the answer is yes and no. Although this option is viable, it is highly advisable not to try this. There are several reasons why not. Getting a hole in your body and putting a piece of jewellery in place of it is kind of a big deal so you should better not take any chances with it. Always choose a quality studio which offers professional services. They have the best equipment and better choices of jewellery. All the piercing types of equipment and jewellery sold online cannot be trusted. Using sterile products is very important while getting a tongue piercing. When getting the job done, always make sure that sterile equipment is getting inserted into your skin and it has no bacteria. But this is not possible when so many hands are touching your equipment while bringing your order. 

Keep in mind that you are not an expert at puncturing your tongue. Anything could go wrong while you're at it. You could harm your vein or any tissues present on the tongue. This can even cause a speech impediment. 

A tongue piercing is a freedom of expression and you should do it as long as you are okay with it and it makes you feel good. The only thing that matters is that you are safe and not what others might think about it. 

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