Coronavirus outbreak has made it mandatory for all of us to wear masks and it is sometimes annoying to wear masks primarily for makeup lovers and as now it is a ‘new normal’ so we need to adjust our routines according to them. The most annoying thing about wearing makeup with a mask on is that half of the face is hidden below the mask. Not wearing transfer-proof makeup inside your mask, the makeup can smudge and can be transferred to your masks. We are going to tell you some great transfer-proof makeup tips for your makeup to stay still even when you are wearing a mask. 

Transfer Proof Makeup Tips

Not wearing a transfer-proof mask and on top of it, if you are wearing a mask, you may develop some skin problems you would not want. So keep reading to find out some great transfer-resistant makeup tips.

1. Use a primer oil before putting on your makeup

Using primer oil before putting on your makeup is a significant tip for non-transferring makeup. Primer oil creates an extra layer between your skin and your makeup which makes your skin look smoother and especially it makes your makeup last longer. Make sure you apply a lightweight primer oil. Putting on primer oil is a great prepping technique for your face. It may help keep your makeup transfer-proof. Make sure you cleanse and moisturize before you put on any primer oil onto your face.  We suggest you try Colorbar Cosmetics Perfect Selfie Primer Oil. This is a hydrating and firming primer oil that focuses on protecting your skin from blue-light exposure and providing long-lasting makeup results.

2. Use smudge-proof makeup products

It’s an obvious transfer-proof makeup tip if you wear a mask every day. Using a long-lasting foundation may help your makeup to transfer to the mask. Matte lipsticks are must if you wear masks, you don’t want your favorite lipstick to transfer all over your mask. Choosing the right smudge-proof foundation is very important as the foundation is responsible for covering your whole face, not just a particular spot. Smudge-proof makeup products lock your makeup and avoid the makeup to transfer onto your mask. 

Transfer Proof Makeup Tips
Transfer Proof Makeup Tips

Use this Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte+Poreless Liquid Foundation. This lightweight liquid foundation mattifies and refines pores, leaving behind a natural, seamless finish. Apply the Fit Me Foundation onto the skin and blend with fingertips or an applicator. And this Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick which gives you an amazing matte look and it is infused with moisture for a comfortable feel all day. Available in 35 gorgeous hues, the range has a shade for every mood and every occasion.

3. Set your foundation with a setting powder 

Powder assists your skin to dry your makeup and helps the skin to not transfer the makeup onto the mask. The loose powder acts as a barrier between the makeup and the mask. If you want, you can also powder your lipstick. It makes your lipstick even more transfer-proof and makes it look perfectly matte, many makeup artists suggest this tip. If you want your makeup to stay longer, setting powder is one of the amazing transfer-resistant makeup tips. Try out SUGAR Cosmetics Set The Tone Tinted Powder. It is a finely-milled multipurpose powder that lets you mattify, highlight and bake makeup in style to lend a natural, luminous matte finish.

4. Set your makeup with a setting spray

After applying your makeup, make sure you fix it with some makeup setting spray. It is an important non-transferring makeup tip. The spray sets all the makeup products and your makeup stays on for a long time. Allow it to dry down completely before wearing your mask to keep your makeup smudge-proof. Choosing a setting spray which gives you a matte look and does not smudge your makeup. 

We suggest you try SUGAR Cosmetics Grand Finale Highlighting Setting Mist. This setting mist sets your makeup and refreshes your skin. It is also alcohol-free and keeps your makeup to last longer. Matte Setting Mist provides a soft, shine-free look. 

5. Make eyes the priority

We all know masks almost cover the bottom part of our face and the only visible part of our face is eyes and forehead. So, making eyes and eyebrows the highlight of your face. Put efforts into your eyes and eyebrows by paying close attention to them. Try smokey eyes if you haven’t. Use darker shades to highlight your eyes. Make sure you also accentuate the brows. They make you look bold and strong. 

Try out this Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette Eyeshadow. The soft nude tones of the Maybelline Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette are highly blendable with an amazing texture that is universally flattering and looks natural on all skin types. For eyebrows, we suggest you L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit. This Genius kit consists of styling wax, a tinted powder, an angled brush, a spooled brush and a unique set of tweezers. The pigmented wax holds for 12 hours and the natural shaded powder allows for buildable color.

6. The less the better

Using as less makeup as you can be a better option for you as even the transfer-proof makeup may not help you when you have a mask on. Using lightweight makeup products is a great option. Use concealers to hide your pigmented spots and do not use any heavyweight makeup. Keep your foundation to the minimum for a matte finish.


In these hard times, when everything is going down, makeup helps you build and boost your self-confidence. Makeup is not indeed a standard of beauty but it helps you feel more confident. Wearing transfer-proof makeup even keeps your skin healthy as the makeup and all the sweat, heat inside the mask accumulates and may create some skin troubles for you. So make sure your makeup is transfer-proof. Don’t forget to use transfer-proof makeup products and at last a good makeup setting spray for a perfect matte look. These tips for transfer-proof makeup may help you achieve a stunning and smudge-proof look.

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