Feeling discontented with the length and thickness of your eyelashes? Welcome to the gang. As one of your most prominent facial features, your eyelashes are one of the first things people notice, as well as an important feature for emphasizing the size, shape, and color of your eyes.

Step into the cosmetics section of any of your local department stores and you’ll find countless products designed to extend, thicken and boost your lashes. From falsies to mascara, it’s far from difficult to create the delusion of longer lashes with a little extra makeup and upkeep. Add cosmetic treatments like eyelash extensions into the equation and it’s pretty easy — although not exactly cheap, to add some false length and fullness to your lashes.

Tips and Techniques for Growing Longer Eyelashes

There are a variety of steps that you can take to improve and speed up your eyelash growth naturally. 

1. Dodge Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a simple way to briefly increase the length of your eyelashes. While eyelash extensions look amazing, the adhesive used in the application process can harm your natural lashes. If you use extensions frequently, it’s easy for your eyelashes to become thinner, shorter, and irregular over time. In a nutshell, if you want to grow your lashes longer naturally, it’s best to take time out from eyelash extensions. Since eyelash extensions can be pretty expensive, not only will you improve your natural lash growth by dodging them but you’ll save money too.

2. Remove Your Makeup

Mascara and other makeup products can dry out your eyelashes, making them brittle and easier to damage through the day. When at home, remove your mascara and extra makeup near your lashes to avoid causing any damage to your lashes. While it might seem obvious, it’s also important to remove your makeup before bed. Even a slight amount of mascara can damage your lashes if it’s worn overnight, making it important to gently clean your lashes and eyelids before you get into bed. 

3. No Picking Mascara Off Your Lashes

Picking mascara off your lashes is a common habit, but it’s not one you l want to keep if you want long thick, and voluminous lashes. Therefore, it’s important not to pick at your eyelashes even if you aren’t wearing any mascara. Use a tender touch when you handle your lashes when you’re removing mascara at the end of the day. 

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4. Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet that’s rich in essential nutrients will help you grow stronger, thicker, and more protruding hair in your eyelashes. Along with eating healthy food, it’s important to drink enough amount of water. Being hydrated not only helps you stay alert and active, but is also vital for healthy skin and hair, plus your lashes.

5. Careful With Your Eyelash Curler

Used properly, your eyelash curler can help make your eyelashes look longer and your eyes livelier. Nevertheless, using your eyelash curler too often or applying too much pressure when you curl your eyelashes can speedily lead to damage.

When you use your lash curler, make sure you don’t tug at your eyelashes. Even light tugging can pull out the lashes and damage your hair follicles, leaving you with thinner, less voluminous eyelashes that can take months to grow back to their normal length and fullness. 

6. Check Your Mascara’s Ingredients

While using mascara does not damage your lashes on its own, mascaras with certain ingredients can make your lashes dry and brittle. If you wear mascara often, check the label to see if it contains isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. These are both often used to help mascara dry quicker. While they’re not dangerous as such, they can cause your mascara to dry your lashes, making them weaker and more probable to breakage.

These, as well as other drying chemicals, are particularly predominant in waterproof mascara. If you find that your eyelashes frequently feel dry after you wear mascara, it could also be worth transferring to an alternative mascara with a natural, non-toxic, non-waterproof formula.  

Eyelash Comb
Eyelash Comb

7. Eyelash Comb

Cheap, easy to use, and available from just about any cosmetics section, an eyelash comb is one of several crucial tools for making your lashes look longer without falsies or mascara.

Most eyelash combs are small enough to fit inside your purse, with many models plus a second brush for your eyebrows. Used for a few minutes at the start of the day, a decent comb can volumize and separate your eyelashes, helping you control mascara-related damage. In conclusion, if you follow all these steps and take proper care of your lashes you will get the lashes you desire in some time.

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