After a long day at work, all we want to do is snuggle up on the couch and watch TV while we eat junk food. At some point, we all had genuine reasons (and excuses) for leading an unhealthy lifestyle, but all that ends now. It’s time we start taking care of our bodies before it is too late and stay active.

Tips to Stay Active for Long

For those who always prefer a nap over a jog, small steps are the way to go. If you start intense workouts, chances are you will be overwhelmed and quit within a few days. Therefore, we have made a list of some activities that will help you start the journey towards a healthier and happier life. 

1. Climb the staircase to success

One of the smallest yet most effective changes that you can make is to take the stairs instead of lift or escalator. This is where your mental toughness comes into play. Choosing the stairs while your friends take the lift isn’t that easy, but it is well worth it. Did you know that five minutes of climbing stairs can burn up to 150 calories? This fact will surely make it easier to choose the staircase next time!

Tips to Stay Active
Tips to Stay Active

2. Walk it off

Walks are so underrated. Not only is it a great way to start being more active, but it also helps to collect your thoughts and relax. Next time you go for a stroll, leave your mobile at home. If you cannot do that, at least turn off the internet and make a conscious effort to be present at the moment. You will feel the tension and stress lift off your shoulders. With the strenuous lives, we lead, a stroll in the park can be your calm in the chaos. 

3. Park further away

We have all made rounds around the parking lot looking for a spot closest to the exit. Parking a little further is not as bad as it seems. Besides, you will get a few extra steps in! Once you realize how little it matters, parking away would not be the end of the world anymore. Plus, it would save all the extra gas that we waste looking for the spot!

4. Cleanliness is next to healthiness

We love it when things are clean, but the activity itself is not that enticing. But it does burn calories! Did you know that an intense session of cleaning could burn up to 200 calories? That’s more than what an hour in the gym could get you. Apart from the calories, cleaning up is said to be valuable for mental health as well. Who knew decluttering the makeup drawer could help you mentally and physically?!

5. Walk the talk

We don’t even notice how hours pass by when we are on the phone. Walking while talking, would introduce activity into your lifestyle in a subtle way. Your attention would be on the conversation so that you wouldn’t think too much about the walking part. Whether you have hour-long conversations on the phone or two-minute calls are all you do, try to walk and do it.  

Tips to Stay Active
Tips to Stay Active

6. Dance your heart out 

Good music can make a monotonous chore go by much faster. But what could add more spice to it except busting a few moves? Crank up that music and let the body move! Music and dance are a perfect blend for a good mood, so it is a win-win situation! it is also a great way to tire yourself so you can sleep well at night. 

7. Stand at ease 

You might have noticed how sitting at a desk all day can make you lethargic and stiff. It leaves you feeling low and not wanting to do anything after office hours. A standing desk is a perfect solution to the problem. Standing helps you maintain good posture. You also feel more active and function better. If the settings do not allow you to stand and work, try to move around and stretch every hour or so. 

Our bodies will only take care of us if we take care of it. Change starts at home. At first, start with small changes that you can adapt to. Once you notice the positive effects, you will be inclined to take bigger steps. After some time, making healthier choices will come naturally. 

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