Want to stay active through different stages of life? Well, it is all about lifestyle choices and primarily to engage oneself in regular exercise routines throughout life. Regular exercise has many benefits, and in addition to making one stay active for long, it also prevents many health complications like heart disease as well as diabetes. Exercise also boosts the mind and moods, controls arthritis, and enhances a good night’s sleep. 

However, staying active through different stages of life isn’t as easy as it sounds. With age, the person has much wear and tear on the joints and body muscles which transforms an enjoyable exercise routine into a painful experience or makes it extremely difficult for the person to continue the habit. Even though this doesn’t mean that you should stop exercising as you get older, exercising gives its results and benefits to the human body at any age. 

Reversing Age Naturally

With age and time, the human body loses muscle mass and bone density which leads to a loss of strength and flexibility. But, this process can be constructively reversed by increasing physical activity and exercise. A person is ever too old to exercise! Most people at an older age and in good health don’t require a doctor’s consent to start exercising and join a moderate exercise program. However, if the person is having health issues, it is advisable to consult the doctor and let them know about exercising. If the concerned person is planning for a more rigorous exercise program than walking, say like swimming or rowing, it is undoubtedly essential to consult the doctor. 

Tips To Stay Active
Tips To Stay Active 

Exercise Types

For staying active for a more extended period, it is essential to include the following exercise types in the routine: 

  • Aerobics or cardiovascular exercises

This will ensure the heart and the lungs are in perfect condition. It is essential to spend at least 30 minutes each day biking, walking, dancing, swimming to ensure the proper functioning of the heart. It will increase the heart rate. One can also do simple house chores like vacuuming, gardening, or cleaning to stay active daily.

  • Strengthening exercises

This helps in building bone density and also strengthens the muscles. Daily activities like climbing stairs and doing strengthening exercises with dumbbells, resistance bands, weight machines, or foam weights twice or thrice a week would improve the bone condition.

  • Stretching

This is an everlasting and forever loved exercise form by all! Stretching increases body flexibility and allows more comfortable body movement regularly. One can stretch regularly for just 10 minutes or take a Yoga and Pilates class for the same.

  • Balance exercises

This exercise is necessary to reduce any risk of falling. Exercise programs like Tai chi and Yoga help in improving body equilibrium.

Exercise Safely In Different Stages Of Life

It is essential to exercise safely when at an advanced age. The following will help the person to be safe while exercising: Gear: Taking proper exercise gear like well-fitted shoes and clothing is necessary

1. Timing

It is essential to exercise in the mornings or late evenings during hotter days.


2. Hydration

Hydrating the body is a must to ensure proper exercise. Sweating during workouts loses out the water from the body, which leads to dehydration. As such, it is essential to drink lots of water or sports drinks regularly.

3. Pacing

Start exercising with lightweight and gradually increase the weight count.

4. Injury

If you are in pain while exercising, stop immediately.

5. Get A Trainer

If the person is new to exercising, it is advisable to get a trainer or a fitness consultant before starting to exercise. If a person has specific fitness goals to achieve, it is essential to get a personal trainer who can guide them accordingly to achieve those goals. If the person is older and wants to get into a physical exercise program, it is advisable to get a fitness trainer who has experience working with people of that age group. One can schedule a “tryout” workout session with a physical trainer before signing a regular fitness program- this will assure the person of the trainer as well as the person’s capability for that program. 

Staying active through life is essential and a must. It is necessary because it enhances a healthy lifestyle and makes the person fit and healthy throughout life. 

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