Aren’t there times when you are on your way to work and you notice a person with long, luscious, dark, and beautiful eyelashes? Or haven’t you heard stories of your friend’s boyfriend having beautiful eyelashes? Long and lifted eyelashes add much more definition to your face, making your face look fuller as your eyes look big and more rested.

When I think of long lashes, the images of Disney Princesses come to my head. Yes, some of you might also end up being reminded of the Kardashians. Longer lashes are all the rage these days and obviously, you want them too!

But what if we told you that rather than spending a huge amount at the aesthetician, you can grow your eyelashes longer naturally and gradually. These methods will take time to show results, and they will require little effort but lots of patience from your end. The growth cycle of eyelashes has three phases: catagen which is the dormant stage, telogen which is the shedding stage.

In the telogen phase, your eyelashes will shed naturally. Hence, the shedding of eyelashes is natural and normal. There is nothing to worry about if you notice some regular shedding of your lashes. However, if the pattern seems abnormal, you might want to consult with a dermatologist. The final phase of the growth cycle is called the anagen which is the growth phase. Here is when your lashes start growing.

Each growth cycle takes somewhere around three months; however, the duration may differ depending on your genetic and lifestyle factors. If you stay patient and indulge in some self-care, you will soon have long eyelashes too! Read ahead and find out how.

10 Remedies to Grow Eyelashes

Below are the remedies to grow eyelashes:

1. Vaseline

Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly moisturizes your eyelashes making them look luscious and aid in growth. All you have to do is take a little amount of Vaseline on your fingers and put it in your eyelashes before going to sleep. Make sure to wash your face in the morning, and remove any residue if left. For the best results, you must do this daily.

2. Olive Oil

 As backed by some research studies, olive oil contains a phenolic complex called oleuropein which boosts hair growth. It is packed with essential fatty acids that stimulate growth and prevents shedding. Take a spare mascara wand, and use it to coat your eyelashes with olive oil daily before going to sleep.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another amazing natural product that aids in hair growth. With the help of either your fingers or a clean mascara wand, apply some aloe vera gel on your eyelashes. Let it stay for five to ten minutes and then rinse with water. Natural aloe vera gel extracted directly from the plant will give you the best results. You may also choose to keep the gel overnight, but make sure that it does not get into your eyes, otherwise it may cause irritation.

4. Castor Oil

 Castor Oil is one of the widely used oils in eyelash growth serums. This fact of it being widely used makes its use pretty evident when it comes to eyelash growth. Castor oil is the beauty elixir that has a broad range of applications when it comes to beauty. Just dab some oil with some cotton pad on the eyelashes and leave overnight. Repeat daily, for quick results.

5. Vitamin E

All of us know how essential Vitamin E is when it comes to taking care of our hair and nails. It makes up one of the most necessary ingredients that help in stimulating hair growth. For this remedy of eyelash growth, you can either choose to take a diet that is rich in vitamin E and other essential nutrients or you may directly apply Vitamin E oil on your eyelashes. Vitamin E tablets are commonly available in all pharmacies. Just pick the tablet, and squeeze out the oil either in a container or on your fingers and apply generously.

6. Biotin

Although supplements may not work for everyone, many people have given testimonies to support the fact that biotin supplements do help in the growth of eyelashes. Before deciding to stock up bottles of biotin, it is recommended to first consult with your dermatologist to make sure that you are not giving something to your body that may end up causing more harm than good.


7. Eyelash Growth Serum

Many professionals swear by this technique and so do their patients! There are many eyelash growth serums available in the market that make big promises of boosting up the growth of eyelashes. Dermatologists also recommend these to their patients. So, if you want a quick and permanent fix, this might be one of the best remedies for you.

8. Coconut Oil

 We all have our own stories of our mothers and grandmothers nourishing our scalps with coconut oil. Indians, particularly, are very informed when it comes to the advantages and benefits of using coconut oil for hair growth. It also prevents the greying of hair and hair loss. For people, who are emotionally attached to their coconut oil bottles, well this is the remedy for you if you want to grow your eyelashes.

For better results, you may make up your concoction of 1 tablespoon of each olive oil and castor oil with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, and that would be your magic oil to aid in your eyelash growth.

9. Shea Butter

Shea butter provides intense hydration and moisturization to your eyelashes. It is also rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C that will help in making your eyelashes stronger, fuller, and longer! The application technique would be the same as applying Vaseline.

10. Green Tea

Green tea has some amazing overall health benefits. Its rich nutrients not only keep your body healthy but also promote hair growth. Make some green tea, let it cool down and apply on lashes with the help of a cotton pad. Use this technique regularly to see the difference.

Other than the above tips, make sure to remove your makeup before sleeping. Eat a healthy diet, follow a healthy lifestyle, do not overuse your mascara, and you will be on your path of getting fuller and longer lashes!

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