People say that this is a world of male dominance. Man has been in the top position for a long period of time by now. But you know what, a woman on top position especially in bed is way more fascinating. Even Kamasutra depicts a chapter of female dominance. It is fun and satisfying to both you and your man. Women generally are shy to take the lead, but doing so is really sexy and attractive. All you need to have are some practice and confidence. 

Without much delay, let’s dive into the facts and tip to master the art of a woman on top sex position. 

Best Tips For Acing The Woman On Top Position In Bed

Below are the tips for acing the woman on top position in bed:

1. Seduction

Seduction is the base of intimacy. Seduce him with your words. Take his complete attention towards you and your voice. Tell him the things you love about him, the physical features of his which make you go crazy. Talk about the dirty things you want to do to him. Describe the dirty feelings you have while you touch him gently. This is clearly like preparing your man to have sex with. 

2. Get In Position

To be on top, you have to get your man to lie down somewhere. Let him lie on a bed or a couch(whichever is suitable for you). Run your fingers all over his body. Kiss him with a bit of tingling sensation and make him restless to get inside of you.

Top Position In Bed
Top Position In Bed

3. Playful

Being great in bed doesn’t just mean to have hardcore passionate sex. You need to keep the balance of passion and leisure side by side. Be a bit playful with him before the unstoppable sex. Play with your fingers, bite him gently, kiss him on the neck and also lick him. Have some sensual laughs. To make the evening more erotic, play with his penis. Kiss it, lick it and put the entire penis inside your mouth. Doing so will make his erection even better. The best thing is that your man will always seek you for the rest of his life.

4. Get To The Main Course

Above mentioned steps are just starters. Get to the main course right after that. Let your man lie in the same position, and you move on top of him. Spread your legs and fold it beside him. Grab the penis and put it inside you. Slide up and down slowly at first and gradually increase the pace of your speed. To be in a more comfortable position, hold the headboard of the bed with one hand and keep the other hand on his chest. Do not impose the entire weight of your body on him. Handle your body weight by your legs. 

5. Keep On Rocking

Once the situation is heated up to its highest level, both of your bodies are wet and steamy, increase your speed. Do not stop in the middle of this situation. 

If you get tired, slow down but do not pause. Play with the penis even when it is inside you. Move your hips in a circular motion and also side to side. 

6. Let His Hands Work

Your man has nothing to do when you are in top position. So let his hands touch you. Make him grab and squeeze your breast. Ask him to hold around your waist and also grab your hips. This is really sexy and feels like the cherry on top of a cake. 

7. Twerk

Twerking is tough but is one of the best. It provides you with an ultimate level of satisfaction to both male and female. Practice twerking as much as you can. Twerking will also make your hip look more chubby and sexy. Doing so will give a great shape to your bum. 

Top Position In Bed
Top Position In Bed

To twerk on top, slightly bend forward and support yourself with your two hands beside him. Look at him directly in the eyes and twerk while your tits dance in front of him. In this position, you can even let your man suck your boobs or massage them. 

8. Improvise Position 

Being the girl on top makes any man go crazy. Changing the sex position after an interval of time is suggestable. Instead of your man simply lying down on the bed, you can pull him closer to you in his seated position. You can still be in the top position. In this seated position, have a deep strong french kiss. Hold his head or run your fingers in the middle of his hair and grab it tightly. 

Effects Of Woman On Top Sex Position

Woman on top sex position has many unbelievable benefits. 

  • Improves the shape of your figure.  Increases the breadth of the thighs if you have thin legs and vice-versa, perfect round hips and a slim waist.
  • Builds your confidence. You being on top will help you boost the level of your confidence. You can rule the moment at least inside the room with your man in bed. Doing so will make you the boss.
  • Satisfaction and fulfilment level hits sky high. Satisfaction is very important in this matter. You can satisfy your own physical needs in this position by adjusting and experiencing the mixture of pain and pleasure of having sexual intercourse.
  • Men love to have a woman on top sex position. It is guaranteed that he is enjoying and is having the best experience of his lifetime. They might not say it but it is a universal truth that man love to have sex with the person who is sexually attracted to him and also someone who has the courage yo take the lead. Men find that extremely attractive. They love a confident and strong woman.
  • When a man is sexually satisfied, he will always seak you for his life. Men always head back to the woman who satisfies him sexually. Sexual satisfaction will help you to maintain a serious healthy relationship. Man’s loyalty can be judged by the level of sexual satisfaction.

There is always a first time for everything. To master it, first of all, come out of your comfort zone and don’t overthink. Try and practice it as much as you require. You will get better each time you practice. Master the art and make your man fall in love with you all over again. This will surely spice up your relationship and will also bring a magical spark to it. 

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