First Waxing: Tips To Know Before Your First Waxing Session

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Finally decided to get waxed? We know exactly what’s going on in your mind right now. Like, you’ll be excited, nervous and everything and why not? After all dream skin is just a session away! People have different skin types and isn’t gentle to everyone. The last thing that you should do is to be clueless about waxing on your first day! So here’s a complete guide( and some tips and tricks) to prep you for your special day! 

What is waxing? 

It is the removal of hair from our body parts. The hair is pulled out from the roots which might hurt a lot but is definitely worth it, given the pros of waxing! Depending on the type you have chosen, the esthetician will place something sticky on you and pull it out along with all those unwanted hair!  

The pain? 

About the pain, it does hurt but thankfully, it subsides shortly after the session. Once you’re done, you’re done with the pain too! On your first time, it will hurt, but you can’t let this stop you! Thousands of women are doing it every day, you can too! If you want it, just go for it! 

Bonus: It hurts lesser every time you do it! After about 3-4 sittings, it won’t even hurt as much and you will be absolutely normal with it too! With time, your hair growth may actually lessen too! 

Why should I go for it? 

Don’t worry, all those sufferings will definitely be worth it! Here’s what first waxing will offer you:

  • Smooth skin:

It pulls out the hair right from the roots which will give you the smoothest skin ever, which means no stubble or rough skin anymore! 

  • It lasts:

Unlike with razors or trimmers, the effects of waxing actually lasts. You will finally be able to say goodbye to the hair for at least 2 weeks (or a month if you’re lucky)! 

  • Lesser ingrown hair:

If you have shaved before, you are probably familiar with ingrown hair and you know how disturbing they can be. Waxing will reduce those to a negligible number! Amazing right? 

  • Skin exfoliation:

Yes, you saw that right! Waxing will also gently exfoliate your skin so be ready to greet bright and soft skin! 


Drawbacks of Waxing?

Waxing does have some drawbacks too, but with proper care, you can avoid them pretty well. Here are the things you should always be careful of while waxing:

  • Always visit a licensed esthetician

It is best to visit a licensed as well as an experienced esthetician. It is a very tender job and an inexperienced esthetician can harm your skin doing it in the wrong way.

  • Visit a hygienic salon

In waxing, hygiene matters a lot. If a salon is unhygienic and uses the same products on different customers, it is better to stay away from it as using the same products as another woman may expose you to certain diseases.

  • Test your skin

Before waxing for the first time, test a small portion of the skin with the wax and wait up to 30 minutes to check if there is any allergic reaction. 

  • Prepare your skin

Do not apply moisturizer on the skin before waxing. Try to keep the skin dry. 

  • Post wax care

If you have sensitive skin, you may have itchy bumps on your skin. Do not worry as these are normal. Do not touch the parts and itching is tweezing is a BIG NO. They will be alright in 2-3 hours. Applying aloe vera lotion will minimize the itching. Post wax redness is also very common and usually subsides by itself in about 1-2 hours.  To get rid of them faster, you can apply ice cubes to the areas. 

  • Right after waxing

Avoid exposing the parts into direct heat( especially direct sunlight) or chemicals, as the area is still very sensitive and may react to them. Also avoid using aerosols, perfumes, and soaps for 24 hours. 

  • Intervals

To enjoy the full benefits of waxing, get the sessions at proper intervals. Unless there’s a sudden occasion, keep at least 3 weeks of a gap between two sessions. Having proper hair length before waxing makes the waxing easier and more effective

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