If you have learned the art of waxing at home you have saved yourself a lot of money and a lot of time. Waiting for your next parlor appointment feels like so much pressure. In these modern times, you have all these things to do that sometimes taking care of yourself becomes not so important. So if you wish to learn how to DIY wax at home, continue reading. 

DIY Wax At Home

You can always buy a good wax of your choice from the market but if you are someone who enjoys using homemade and DIY products then you should try to make a wax at home too. This way you would know what you are applying to your skin and that there are no harmful chemicals added. If you are worried about it being as effective then be assured this is a safe yet effective method to prepare or DIY wax at home. 

To make a wax at home you will need the following ingredients: 

  • 1 cup Brown Sugar (granulated)
  • 1 teaspoon Water
  • 1 cup honey
  • ½ cup Lemon Juice
Wax At Home
Wax At Home
  1. To prepare this wax, you first need to start by heating sugar in a pan to caramelize it. For this, use a pan and add sugar to it. Heat it on medium flame. If you want you can add some water to it. Occasionally stir it.
  2. When the sugar starts caramelizing, you need to add honey and lemon juice to it. So take the pan off the stove and while stirring it add in both the ingredients.
  3. Your wax is prepared but it is hot so you should let it cool down a bit.

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How To Wax At Home?

After you are ready with your DIY wax or even if you have got one from the market it is now time to move on to the next phase which is how to do waxing at home. When you are doing this procedure at home you have the choice to take better care of your skin before and after the procedure. After following this procedure you are sure to have beautiful skin that looks good and feels super soft. 

What to do Before Waxing?

So when waxing at home you get all the time in the world to prepare and prep your skin from the waxing. It is as important as the actual procedure. 

1. Exfoliate your Skin

This is the best way you can avoid the ingrown hair issue. Exfoliating your skin before waxing helps to clear away the dry skin from the surface and make it smooth. This way all the hair is now on the surface so you won’t have to worry about ingrown hair later. 

2. Trim your Hair

If you think your hair growth is quite long then it is advised to trim it a little before you go in with the actual wax. This will shorten your hair and help you get a closer and cleaner wax. 

3. Clean your Skin

If possible it will be great if you clean your skin properly before going in with the wax just to make sure that your skin is cleared of any possible dirt and properly clean for the waxing. 

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What to do While Waxing?

While you are actually in the procedure you must be careful and follow these tips for a better experience than the other times: 

1. Be Pepared

Before starting you should mentally prepare yourself that you are going to this and you are going to do it fine, It is just like any other thing and you need to follow all these steps so you should not have to look every time and check the internet on what to do next as waxing yourself must be quick as the wax dries out fast. 

2. Keep Everything Ready

You don’t want to run around with wax on your hand or legs to get something that you need next. So make sure all the things you would require are within your reach. Prepare the area you’ll be doing it. Spread an old newspaper or a plastic sheet so you don’t create a mess around. Keep the hot wax, an applicator, wax strips, and wet tissues handy. 

3. Take It Off

This should not be a separate point but this is the most important part. You would need a little technique and some practice to do it well. You should hold the strip with a tight grip and put enough pressure to pull out the strip. You already know that it is a little painful but after that, it is very bearable. 

4. Cover the Area With your Palm

So your skin went through a shock so you need to calm it down. You should cover the waxed area with your palm to ease the burning a little. This is a good practice that you should not forget about when waxing at home. 

What Needs to be Followed Post Wax Care?

Just like you prepared your skin before the procedure, similarly, you need to follow post-wax care. 

1. Wash it

So after you are done with waxing you need to wash the area to get rid of any residual wax. Use cold water as it feels very calming for the burns. 

2. Moisturize 

After a lot of rubbing and pulling while waxing your skin is short of some hydration you should compensate by applying a lot of moisturizers or even oil if you want to. There you have yourself a perfect wax at home, without anyone’s help. 

There you have perfectly waxed hands and legs, which look amazing. You should be proud of yourself because it ain’t easy and the next time someone complains about not getting enough time for their waxing appointment you can flaunt your newfound skills. 

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