Semen For Skin: 3 Amazing Things To Decide It’s Yay or Nay?

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Semen For Skin
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Semen for skin or semen facial is apparently a thing that celebrities and social media influencers around the globe follow in their daily skincare routine. Sounds strange and icky, right? Apart from the procreation feature of the semen, it has been claimed that the application of human semen on the skin does wonders resulting in a glowing face. However, there is very less or zero medical explanation to the effects of semen on skin. Irrespective of that, semen facial is practiced. Here you will get to know whether semen is good for the skin or not. 

Composition of Semen For Skin

If you didn’t know already, you would be surprised to hear that semen is full of nutrients and antioxidants. Who knew right, that semen has such properties as well. It is said that semen consists of at least 200 different proteins. Now, protein plays an essential role in making our skin good. But the amount of protein present in semen is not enough to make a difference in our skins. 

Semen contains enough zinc required by a regular human. Zinc is most important for our skin and is said to reduce acne and scars. So, ultimately is is proven that sperm for acne scars is effective.

Other than proteins and zinc, semen is said to contain lactic acid, fructose, high urea content and even citric acid. So, if you ladies are thinking about swallowing some semen of your partner, you now know what its value and content are. 

The semen consists of a crystalline polyamine compound known as Spermine. Spermine is a type of antioxidant. Due to its presence, it is believed that semen can reduce wrinkles, make the skin smooth and fight acne problems. So, you can use semen for clear skin.

A Norwegian company, Bioforskning has successfully synthesized this compound into a facial cream. Bioforskning has claimed that this spermine infused cream is far more effective than vitamin E and helps delay the aging of the skin by almost 20 percent.

What will happen if you apply semen naturally to your skin?

Skin infections

Is semen good for your skin? Now, this is a bit of a risk because you might be allergic to semen. With more than hundreds of proteins in semen, it might induce an allergic reaction in your skin leaving it dry and irritated. 

There have been reports where individuals suffered from mild to a medium form of allergy making their skin red, irritated and swollen. So taking semen directly on your face won’t be a very decision keeping your skin type in mind. 

Sexually transmitted infections

Even if it is on your face and not inside your vagina, semen can transmit sexually transmitted infections or STIs through the mucous membranes i.e. through the mouth, eyes, nose. STIs such as chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea can be spread in this way causing chlamydia of the eye or Ocular herpes. Now, this is something new, isn’t it? Who knew our eyes could also get STI, right?! Horrific but very true.

Semen For Skin

Semen For Skin – Should You Adopt Semen in Your Beauty Regime?

The antioxidant, Spermine has been synthesized and used in different forms like a semen face mask or topical facial cream. According to Chelsee Lewis who is a facialist to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, semen face masks help boost oxygen supply and increase the circulation of oxygen in the skin providing an immediate glow to the face. 

The bottom line is yes semen is nutritious up to a certain point but this is not enough, to make a huge difference for your health or skin. You can easily get more nutrition by including a healthy diet full of proteins, carbs, healthy fats which will provide your body the required minerals and vitamins. 

As far as using the semen for skin benefits, it would be better not to put it directly on your skin. You can try the synthetic versions in the form of facials at salons which is said to have no such negative impacts on the skin. 

Semen is also a part of the culinary world. Now you must be thinking WHAA?? Yes, semen can be used in some culinary recipes to give a fascinating twist to the food. What a bizarre world, right ladies? 

Lastly, it can be said even though the constituents of semen are good for our skin, the direct application of semen is better to be avoided. But if you are curious regarding how it would feel on your skin or how your skin will react, go on with it. Always remember Curiosity killed the cat!! 

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