Wondering whether you should get a finger tattoo or not?? Well, you need not wander wondering anymore, as we are here with your perfect guide to the tattoo trend making rounds for long!  Finger tattoos may attract you like nothing else these days as they are one of the sexiest and funky way to present your signature style without having to speak! But wait before you get that done. The current trend has brought up tattoos in demand by watching at celebs and rappers like Beyonce and Bohemia, hence all they want is to get done with things that their favorite celebs do. But what about the repercussions, and drawbacks of these tattoos that never comes to the limelight? 

6 Things To Remember Before Getting A Tattoo

Let’s take a quick look at some points which should be given due consideration before getting it done:

1. Yeah, it hurts

Those who say it doesn’t, don’t take their words for truth. It hurts like a sting, it truly does. Since hands aren’t as fleshy and fatty as other parts of the body may be, so it really stings. While some say it’s worth it, others are of the opinion that it is extremely painful and one shouldn’t get it done  on the fingers. As the skin there is so fragile that it absorbs the ink of the tattoo in a much different manner than most parts of your body do. 

2. Fading Lustre

The lustre of the tattoo on your fingers fades at a more fast pace as compared to the tattoos done at other parts of your body. It is because we use our hands frequently. Also, because the skin there absorbs the color less owing to its thin texture as we stated above. But even after this it is going to remain for a certain period of time, so if you are crazy about it, go get it done right away! 

3. Perfect Place

If you’ve long been a fan of finger tattoos and have zeroed down on some of the best and complex designs to get done there, you are definitely going to ruin your mood. Fingers are a place where not much can be done even by the most perfect artists. It is because the skin there doesn’t allow the dark or especially black color to come off as dark as they are. Tattoo lines show up so much there that it may seem a distorted design. So, if you want it to look extremely bright, fingers are not the right place to get it done. 

4. Letters and Non-Complex Styles

While zeroing down a design to get done on your fingers, think of a simple one. As we said complex tattoos aren’t going to last long. You can definitely have a green signal for letters as they come off really good. Extra specific and small complicated designs are not something you should choose as the ink may look distorted on that skin and so would the design. It may even cause bleeding there. 

Finger Tattoo
Finger Tattoo

5. Rules to Adhere

☝ Always keep your hands’ dirt free. Someone who has got it done just now, this is especially for you. Don’t do tasks that make you use your hands frequently. Try to use the least body lotion kind of creams as they may distort the design. Don’t wash your hands quite often when your tattoo is still fresh. 

6. Proper Care

If you want your finger tattoo to attain as well as retain its colors, then you have to get it touched up regularly. Without proper touch-up and care, there’s no way you can make it last longer. For those who are confused about the frequency of touch-ups, there’s no perfect time zone. Just get it touched up whenever you feel it’s looking too old or color faded. For those who have got it done just now, and feel like it hasn’t taken up on the skin nicely, don’t rush for a clean up immediately. Wait for some time, say, a month’s time before it gets healed up for the next session. 

So, next time you head to that tattoo parlor, considering all these things is a must. Now you know all the pros, and cons related to your first finger tattoo, including the tattoo care tips, gear up for the same babe! 

Stay beautiful 💛

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