A hot cup of tea is like an elixir to kickstart the day for most people. It seems impossible to get through the day without a cup of chai for some of you. In short, a cup of tea is an emotion! Apart from enjoying the revitalizing effects of tea, you can also use tea bags for eyes. Many may question, can you use tea bags for eyes? The answer is Yes! Using tea bags for eyes is a pretty common home remedy actually, to minimize some eye issues such as eye puffiness, eye irritation, and so on. Teabags provide a cooling effect that relaxes your eyes. Here, we will cover the basics of how to use tea bags for eyes. Keep on reading to know it all.

Types of Tea For Your Eyes

According to a study, the caffeine in tea helps in stimulating the blood circulation, and with the anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants found, using tea bags for eyes is most likely to have fruitful results. 

However, drinking tea with high caffeine will not promote this effect. You have to apply the tea over your eyes, closed obviously! Now, about the types of tea that you can use – There are so many different types of tea available such as green, black, white, herbal.  Some of the commonly known herbal tea includes:

For the best results, we would recommend you to go for the organic tea bags for eyes rather than choosing conventional tea.

Benefits of Using Tea Bags for Eyes

Here is how using tea bags can be useful for your eye health. 

1. Tea Bags for Eye Infection

Common eye infections include pink eye or conjunctivitis, red eyes, stye, keratitis, etc. Although there is limited scientific research done on the effectiveness of using tea bags, people have been practicing the application of tea bags for eye infections like pink eye, red eyes for a long time now. Tea is known to reduce the inflammation, irritation as a result of eye infections up to a certain level. Other than this, using tea bags for eye infection also has a soothing effect. 

2. Tea Bags for Eye Puffiness

Eye puffiness is something that most ladies struggle with, and no lady loves the puffy eye look. Sometimes, you have to pull an all-nighter when you are caught up with a deadline. The end result is never pretty for your skin and eyes – possibly acne breakouts with puffy eyes or dark circles. 

So, to make puffy eyes go away, you can try using tea bags. The caffeine of tea is full of antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory effects. This effect of the caffeine helps reduce the puffiness as it increases the blood circulation in that area. You can go for black and green tea bags for this purpose. 

3. Tea Bags for Dark Circles

Can you use tea bags for eyes with dark circles? Definitely! The anti-inflammatory and caffeine benefits of tea do wonders for your dark circle problem as well. 

Tea Bags For Eyes
Benefits of Using Tea Bags for Eyes

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There are several types of eye creams or eye serums out there for those dark circles, but the best and most cost-effective way to treat dark circles is by using tea bags. (Always stay organic!)


How to Use Tea Bags for Eyes?

There are two ways of using tea bags for eyes – warm compress and cold compress.

Warm Compress

  • Take two tea bags and dip it in hot water.
  • Let the tea bags cool down just slightly.
  • Squeeze out all the excess water in the tea bag.
  • Your warm compress tea bags for eyes are ready.
  • Place the tea bags over closed eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.

However, we would like to point out for you that never put tea bags over your eyes that are too hot for your skin. The skin around our eyes is very sensitive, and the application of hot tea bags is not a good idea.

Cold Compress

  • Take two tea bags and dip it in hot water.
  • Squeeze out all the excess water in the tea bag.
  • Let the tea bags cool down completely in a refrigerator.
  • Your cold compress tea bags for eyes are ready.
  • Place the tea bags over closed eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.

Now, can you reuse tea bags for eyes? Yes. Buying tea that comes in bags is comparatively costlier than tea leaves. So, you can for sure enjoy the best of both worlds, and enjoy a nice cup of tea and use the tea bags for eyes. 

Using Warm Compress VS Cold Compress Tea Bags for Eyes

Studies have shown positive results when warm compress tea bags are applied over the commonly known eye infections. The symptoms related to the infections may get reduced with the application of warm compress. However, it is not a permanent solution, in order to treat any eye infection, it is always wise to visit an ophthalmologist for guidance. Cold compress tea bags can only be used mainly to provide soothing effects to any eye injuries. If you are using the tea bags for the purpose of beauty routine, you can go for either of the two types.

Visiting a Doctor 

In case you are suffering from an eye infection that doesn’t seem to recover, it will be wise to go to the doctor immediately. Using tea bags for eye infections, thinking it will get cured is not a good idea. However, you can definitely use tea bags for eyes to reduce puffiness, dark eyes, or sore eyes. 


We live in a world dependent on technology, which involves a lot of screen time, be it for work or entertainment. As a consequence, most of us end up with strained eyes that may feel dry and sore with some irritation. So, the best way and pocket-friendly way to calm your eyes is to use tea bags. Moreover, instead of spending tons of money on cosmetic products, we say, go crazy with this age-old home remedy of using tea bags for eyes. 

On a different note, we would also like to advise you to take proper care of your eyes. Maintain hygiene of your eyes – avoid touching your eyes with unclean fingers. Like we take proper rest after a long day, it is also equally important to give proper rest to our eyes. Nowadays, most of us take rest, lying down on our bed and we take out our phones or our laptops. So, let’s all break this unhealthy way of resting and truly rest our bodies, including our eyes. 

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