So they say that you’re either a tea or coffee person (although some people are both!) but if you’re drinking two cups of tea with milk and sugar you’re probably not a green tea person. Lauded as the most healthy beverage on earth, green tea is commonly known as an acquired taste (you might not love it the first time you drink it!). But the fact is, green tea actually has a ton of benefits and a lot of women are switching to it these days for their daily kick. Maybe you might consider switching out your evening cup of tea for some green tea sachets or teabags. So what are the benefits of sipping green tea more frequently? Much of it is actually backed up by science. Read on to find out!

Benefits Of Green Tea For Better Health

Here are some of the great benefits that you can avail from Green Tea

1. Green Tea can make you smarter

It has caffeine, and it contains the benefits of coffee without making you feel like you can’t sleep for another ten hours. Caffeine contains a stimulant that can increase the firing of neurons in the brain, and it can cause an overall improvement in the working of the brain, make your memory sharper, and improve your mood and make you more alert.

It also has another benefit for the brain; it has an amino acid called L-theanine, which can help to reduce anxiety, and, combined with caffeine, can improve your brain functioning. So drinking some can actually help you get smarter! Also, it’s a good alternative if you think you’re drinking too much coffee, but you can’t get yourself off caffeine for good (although some brands do sell caffeine-free green tea).

2. It has a calming effect

How many times have you had a tough day of work and gone out on your break to buy a load of junk food and a cup of iced coffee? Yes, you might temporarily feel better afterwards, but what a waste of a treat. If you’re feeling low or you just feel like you’ve had a bad day, green tea is a much better alternative. Thanks to the amino acid L-theanine, you can feel much better and calmer, and you’ll be able to view your situation more objectively. Also, a warm drink is always more comforting to sip than an iced latte or a chilled fruit juice. It loads better than a soda.

Green tea
Green tea

3. It can reduce the risks to certain kinds of cancer

This is a huge benefit of green tea. A lot of recent research indicates that green tea can help suppress certain kinds of cancers due to its antioxidant properties. The polyphenols in green tea can help to suppress some tumor cell growth, and it has been said to reduce breast cancer, which is always a worry for women, especially if you’re at risk. So if you’re worried about developing some kind of cancer or you’re at risk, you might want to consider adding green tea to your regular diet.

4. It destroys bacteria

Green tea has catechins in it which can help to kill certain bacteria and prevent viruses, so, for example, the influenza virus. It can also kill certain bacteria that are known to cause dental problems like cavities and tooth decay. And god knows we all hate visiting the dentist, so this is a really good one if you need to build up your immunity and your dental hygiene.

5. It can reduce risks to heart disease

This is also another important benefit of green tea. Heart disease (along with stroke) is one of the biggest killers in the world, and a lot of women suffer from heart problems. Green tea has ingredients which can control risk factors to cardiovascular disease, like cholesterol problems. People who drink green tea regularly have a 31% reduced risk of developing heart disease. That’s quite a big number considering how common heart problems are in the world!

Green tea
Green tea

6. It can help you lose weight

This is more of a commonsensical one, but it still applies. If you’re a regular tea or coffee drinker and you like adding sugar to your beverage, or even if you drink sodas, fruit juices, or energy drinks, you’ll find switching to green tea will help you drop the pounds because it’s conventionally drunk without sugar. A lot of people prefer the natural taste anyway. Some studies have also indicated that it helps to burn fat, but other research has claimed that this is a myth, so perhaps it depends on your individual constitution.

So green tea has almost an endless number of benefits. You need to start drinking it asap!

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