14 Symptoms Of Expecting A Positive Pregnancy Test

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PREGNANT?! ~ good news or a shocker? They say you understand life better when one grows inside you. Pregnancy could be a whole ocean of emotions, feelings and a lot of adrenaline perhaps. While it can come out to be good news for some, It surely can be a shocker for a few. If you haven’t taken the pregnancy test yet, these are the signs that could illuminate you if you’re having a bun in the oven.

Oops! Missed dates?

This fact is what people are acquainted with the most. Missing periods can be a vivid symptom of you having an existence inside you. Though, it might as well be due to stress and other hormonal imbalance. So to be certain, do pregnancy test!

Soreness and redness in there?

You can experience soreness around your breasts, you might wonder that is normal as it usually takes place when you are menstruating, but it can be much more sore and tender that it is if you are expecting. So check out through pregnancy test !


One of the most common feelings one goes through if pregnant, is nausea, feeling sick and an inclination to vomit. It could happen at any time of the day thereby making you running to the washroom.

Disinclination towards food

You may go through a feeling of dislike for dishes you loved having before! They make you feel disgusted and awful, this may be a strong indication of you being a life carrier. The aversions can be due to hormonal changes.

Being sluggish?

There could be a plethora of reasons for the intense fatigue you feel. But, it could also imply that you are impregnated. The high level of progesterone in the body could lead to tiredness and weariness.

Fluctuating Emotions

There shall be days you may feel beside yourself and go through a wave of emotions going up and down. Mood swings are another symptom that could point towards the fertilization of the embryo in your body.

Weird bowel movements

Yet another annoying indicative manifestation could be reflected in your bowel movements. This can be in view of the fact that your digestive system tends to slow down due to hormonal imbalances, leading to constipation.

Running to pee?

Are you rushing to the bathroom more than frequently you ever have? This can be due to the production of human chorionic gonadotropin that leads to frequent urination right after implantations and the production of the above-mentioned hormones.

Persistent headaches

It’s common to get headaches in the early weeks of pregnancy. It can happen in the light of change in blood volume and obviously hormones in transitions. 

Puffy Belly

Because of the wavering and transitioning of hormones in your body, like in periods you might experience bloating during the initial stage of pregnancy. The difference is, unlike during menstruation, the bloating stays during pregnancy

 Shortness of breath

As there is an increased demand for oxygen in the body to support the tiny growing foetus, many expecting women may fall short of breath.


Most likely due to the hormonal changes, the glucose level in the body might be affected and similarly the blood pressure as well, that shall lead to one feeling dizzy, lightheadedness, or fainting.


This is one of the most heard signs when you might be expecting. Apart from aversions to food, women also go through craving a lot of food. Women might have a powerful desire for some dishes and tastes.

Light bleeding 

You might think of it as a light period that might just be light bleeding, and this light bleeding could be experienced after two weeks of fertilization. This might be a harbinger of the germination.


Embrace the unexpected. Even if you weren’t trying for it, you could embrace it as the things you never saw coming often takes us to places we never imagined we might go. The unexpected could lead you to happier places that you originally planned to which can be checked through pregnancy test. 

Or, you can be a pro-choice, and choosing whatever the way you wish it to be. A woman can only call herself free if she is able to control her body the way she desires.

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