It's vital to consider your skin's undertone when choosing a hair colour, just as you would when picking a lipstick or foundation. If your skin tone is on the warmer side, you should stick to the same colour family for your hair to bring out your summer hair color ideas for a cooler undertone.

Darker, warmer hues like browns, reds, and even golden and honey blondes will look best with your skin tone, while lighter, cooler tones like platinum blonde may be too harsh and wash you out. The article has compiled a list of the best summer hair color ideas that will complement your warm skin tone. You can't go wrong with any of these shades, from the deepest chestnut brown to the lightest strawberry blonde, for making your warm undertones shine. Read on to see which summer hair color ideas this article has to recommend for those with warm skin tones with the question "how to determine a cooler undertone". 

Hair colours for Medium Skin 

1. Choosing a Shade

Choose a shade that works with the undertones of your skin rather than the surface hue. According to O'Connor, "your undertone will never change," despite the fact that your skin tone may alter depending on the season and whether or not you've got a tan. The undertone of your skin may be determined by identifying the secondary hue or tone, and everyone has a little preference for a warm or cool undertone.

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2. Maintenance Level

How often you should have your hair coloured depends on whether you get a single-process tint, the best highlights for Cooler Undertones, or a drastic colour change. Look for cuts that highlight your natural colour at the root so that your hair continues to look great as it grows out, even if you don't want to spend a lot of time in the salon maintaining your colour.

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3. Price

Depending on the salon you go to and the style you go for, the cost might range. The average cost of a single process colour is between $50 and $100, but balayage, ombre, and highlights may start at approximately $150.

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Summer Hair Color Ideas That Look Best on People with Warm Skin Tone 

1. Rich Chestnut

Subtle copper accents added complexity to deeper brown colours and added warmth that complimented your skin tone. Dark, one-colour tones might make you seem washed out. This deep chestnut brown shade will complement your skin's inherent warmth and make your eyes pop. 

2. Golden Blonde

Avoid ashy or platinum tones if blonde is your natural and Summer Hair Color Ideas, no matter how tempting it may be to follow the latest hair colour trends. If you must use grey, try for a shade that has a golden undertone. This honey shade is a great choice for folks with a neutral to warm skin tone who want blonde hair. This is the definition of a sun-kissed appearance!

Summer Hair Color Ideas For Women
Summer Hair Color Ideas For Women

3. Dark Chocolate

Warmer skin tones look well with hair colours that range from medium to deep brown, almost like dark chocolate. You can't go wrong with this luxurious chocolate hair colour. Adding some caramel lowlights can brighten up the style without changing the flattering hues that complement your warm skin tone. You may wear this style in the summer or the autumn with equal success.

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4. Strawberry Blonde

When coupled with a warm skin tone, the ideal strawberry blonde blends the finest parts of blonde and red. It's so cute and endearing; you can't help but like it. 

5. Blonde Balayage 

With the use of balayage, blonde hair may have warm undertones instead of seeming overly platinum on those with warmer complexion tones. If you have a warmer skin tone yet want the frosty blonde look, this is the ideal solution in summer hair color ideas.

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6. Rusty Copper

Need a fresh new hairstyle? Warmth may be added using Hair Color Ideas for dark skin with cool undertones without coming off as too loud or striking. It will make your skin seem and feel warmer, giving you an additional fiery glow.

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7. Red Balayage

Applying balayage to a deep red colour scheme is a great way to create depth and warmth. This is the ideal, luminous shade to bring out the finest in your warm skin tones and make you feel confident and beautiful. 

8. Toffee Brown 

With this toffee brown hair colour, you'll shine as you leave the salon and into the new season. You may enhance your natural skin tones and draw attention to your eyes by using a palette of warm browns and lighter brown tones.  

9. Bold Amber

If you want to liven up your next hairstyle without completely changing your appearance, consider using a combination of browns and vivid reds. This colouring is perfect for adding dimension to your hair for updos and giving you a jolt of self-assurance.

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10. Warm Beige Blonde with Honey Balayage 

Brown at its foundation with honey gold accents, this colour scheme is a win-win for those with warm complexions. You'll look and feel beautiful with this one-of-a-kind hue. The rich beige brown and golden accents complement each other well.


Suffice it to say that you may choose from a variety of summer hair color ideas that will look great with your medium skin tone. At the same time, it's true that any colour, from the palest blonde to the darkest indigo (and, honestly, most shades in between), may look well on you, the two most important variables in settling on the right shade are the mood you want to convey and the undertones of your skin.

Hairstylist Jamie Wiley advises clients to "consider your undertone when picking a colour" since it will either compliment or conflict with their skin tone. Make sure that the shade you choose goes well with your natural skin colour. Wiley says that warm undertones are suggested by peach, yellow, or gold in the complexion, whereas Hair Colors for fair skin with cool undertone undertones are indicated by pink or blue in the skin.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How about Cool-Toned Hair Colour? 

The following descriptions of blonde, brown, and red hair colours are recommended if your skin tone is on the cooler side. 

Q2. What hues should you stay away from if your Skin Tone is Cool? 

Stay away from dark colours like black, orange, and earth tones if you don't want to seem sickly and uninteresting. Colours like black, navy blue, crimson, and vivid pink are acceptable for those who live in colder climates throughout the winter. Choose pure white over ivory, and avoid browns, oranges, and gold. 

Q3. In the summer, what is the Ideal Hair Colour? 

Honey blonde hair is the only blonde shade that works for any skin tone, whether you want to soak up the rays or shade from an umbrella. This beautiful combination of gold, amber, and light brown tones is a safe bet for every skin tone this summer.

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