Hair colors can make anyone go from 2/5 to 4/5 in a matter of seconds- we are talking about your beauty quotient. Sometimes, people tend to get bored by their normal hair color and look for change. What better for brunettes to go from brown to blonde? Blonde hair color can be a drastic change for anyone.

Year after year, blonde hair colors become more and more remarkable, and there are a few new and existing trends to try out. Silver and dark blonde tints are combined with platinum and honey tones.

Hair coloring techniques like ombre and balayage are becoming more popular, while highlights aren't entirely gone. It isn't easy to know which blonde hue to go for. To assist yourself, you should look at a few choices. So what are the different options you have available in blonde? Allow us to walk you through! But before that, let us brief you on what blonde hair is!

Popular Blonde Hair Color Right Now

Blonde hair is unquestionably one of the most attractive hair colors available. It brings attention to the individual, brightens any haircut, and encourages them to have more fun.

Blonde is an umbrella term, and there is a lot of intricacies to it. Blonde may signify anything from golden-warm to icy-cool, and just when you assume you've seen every flaxen shade out there, another light and a dazzling blonde trend emerge. When you add in methods like ombre and balayage, the blonde hair category just continues increasing. However, there is a method to make a list less daunting.

Different Blonde Hair Colors

But, with so many various hues and different types of blonde hair colors, how do you tell which one is which? Keep on reading to find out. 

1. Butterscotch Blonde

For ladies of all ages, butterscotch hair color is one of the most beautiful tints of blonde. It works nicely with greying hair as well as dark natural tones. It's a good color to use as a transition color for girls who want to go platinum blonde.

2. Warm Blonde

For girls with pale skin and dark natural hair, warm blonde colors are alluring. It is similar to dark blonde hair color, but these tints aren't completely blonde; they brighten your complexion and define your attributes.

3. Sun-kissed Blonde

This is one of the most popular hair colors, but it's also one of the most difficult to obtain, especially if your natural hair is dark. Because the dark roots are unappealing, this hue also necessitates meticulous maintenance.

4. Ash-Blonde

Ash-blonde is a flattering color that may elevate your look to new heights. The combination of ash blonde and light brown hair can produce a stunning ombre that will make you forget about retouches for a lot longer.

5. Light Blonde

For women who are ready to go through with it, bleached tresses are a brilliant option. If you don't entirely whiten your hair before coloring it, it can look natural. Inquire with your hairstylist about your possibilities.

6. Champagne Blonde

This intriguing combination of honey blonde hair color and brown hues gives your hair a unique, natural look. Natural blonde colors are uncommon, and obtaining a natural appearance is difficult.

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Champagne Blonde
Champagne Blonde

Different Shades of Blonde Hair Color Chart

Apart from blonde hair colors like the ones mentioned here and others such as honey blonde hair color and dark blonde hair color, there are many other options left for you to explore. So you ask us, what are the best options to choose from? We have your back here!

1. Macadamia Nut

The golden color of macadamia nut is slightly stronger than that of platinum blonde. It looks great on complexion with blush hues and looks especially good on light eyes like green, blue, and hazel.

2. Dirty Blonde

Dirty blond, which has a deeper base than beige blond, resembles beige blond: caramel and golden accents against a rich blond tint. Dirty blond hair can also be elegant.

3. Auburn

Auburn's hair color is browner than strawberry red. It's also fairly flexible, as it looks good on both fair and olive complexion tones.

4. Sangria

Sangria or pomegranate hair is not a natural red, but it's flaming, warm, and bold. Due to the obvious purple undertones in this hair color look best on medium and darker skin tones, yet the fiery hue also looks well on fair skin.

5. Cinnamon Mocha

It is just a deep brown with a tinge of copper and earth tones that looks great on caramel and dark complexion tones.

6. Strawberry

Strawberry red looks excellent on fair and neutral complexion tones, but if you have darker skin, go for a red with brown undertones. Otherwise, this tint may make your skin appear green. Since you are now thinking about getting a new hair color, you should know that everything comes at a price, and so does this. There are a few things that need to be taken care of before getting your hair colored.

How to Maintain Colored Hair

Whether platinum blonde, brown, black, red, or even blue, color-treated hair requires a little extra attention if you want your color to last. There is nothing more frustrating than paying a lot of money at your hair salon for the latest fashionable color, only to have it fade after a week due to poor hair care.

1. Wait 72 hours after coloring before shampooing

The cuticle layer can take up to three days to fully close, so the further you wait to clean your hair after coloring it, the more time the color pigment has to seep into the hair cuticle, extending the life of your color between salon appointments.

2. Sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner are encouraged

Sodium Laureth Sulphate, also called sodium Laureth Ether Sulphate, is an anionic detergent found in various personal care products. When you use Sulphate, you risk robbing your hair of its natural oils and hydration, which can lead to your gorgeous color-treated hair being stripped.

3. When shampooing, lower the water temperature

Hot showers may feel fantastic to some, but they aren't so great for your hair color. The cuticle of your hair is opened when you wash it with hot water, allowing your color to wash out while shampooing and conditioning.

4. Hair should be washed less frequently

If you want your hair color to remain longer, you should avoid washing it every day, especially if you have an intense hue.

Hair colors can be intriguing for some people and not so much for others. Blonde hair colors are very vibrant and can change your entire look. If you are in for doing something crazy, go blonde or go home! Because this season is the blonde season. 

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