Netflix has become a savior of boring times but it will be good for you if you stop binge watching . As we have started isolating ourselves more and more at home due to the pandemic, the chances are you might be having Netflix as your best friend for those boring hours. 

Have you ever been watching Netflix so much that you realized it is affecting your personal or work life? Well, this might be a sign you should stop binge-watching. Binge-watching sounds fun and great if you have a lot of free time. However, it can affect your life in many negative ways as well. So, why should you stop binge-watching and how can you stop this purge-watching? Read the article to find out why and how you should stop binge-watching today!

What is Binge-Watching and Why Should you Stop Binge Watching

We all love having free time and watching our favorite show. It is a stress reliever and a great pastime for many people. It is all fun and games until you start watching at night and realize it’s already 4 am. This habit might seem pretty casual to many but this habit might cause a lot of problems. It is a great way to relax but too much of anything can be dangerous and bad for your productive years. 

Stop Binge Watching
Stop Binge Watching

Why should you stop binge-watching? What problems can you face by making binge-watching a habit? Here are some reasons you should stop binge-watching: 

  • Binge-watching can mess with your social life. Although it is a great way to destress yourself, it can also isolate you from your family and friends.
  • Binge-watching is a fun activity. It can get you addicted as whenever you are doing something fun and you love it, your brain produces dopamine that makes you feel good and happy. This makes you want to binge-watch again and again. This behavior is addictive and can stop you from doing everyday activities.
  • Binge-watching can trigger anxiety, depression, and stress as well. When you binge-watch, you may lose productivity and socializing skills that may make you prone to anxiety and stress.
  • Binge-watching might also be threatening to your physical and mental health. It may cause stress on your eyes and make you gain unnecessary weight.

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How To Stop Binge-Watching? 

The purge-watching habit of constantly stuck with a show that you don’t even like can be a literal waste of time and health as well. Controlling this habit can help you achieve your goals and productivity, improving your overall lifestyle. It’s time to move on and get over this habit as soon as possible. Here are some ways to help you stop binge-watching: 

1. Take a Break When Plot Changes 

We know, once you are hooked you might feel attached to the show you’re binge-watching. However, giving yourself a break is often important. Just like Sundays, you give yourself a break after a week-long of work, take a break when you feel like the story is about to get twisted. This will help you keep the suspense and make the show even more interesting for you. 

2. Schedule your Watch Time and Stay Consistent 

This might sound a little difficult but still, give it a try. You don’t have to quit on your favorite show just because you can’t stop binge-watching. Instead, schedule and allot the number of episodes you are going to watch every day and stick to that time. 

Schedule your Watch Time and Stay Consistent
Schedule your Watch Time and Stay Consistent

You can even make use of a reminder or alarm to remind yourself to stop watching. This can help you stay focused on your life as well as your favorite fictional character’s life. 

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3. Engage in Other Fun Activities 

Entertain yourself in other ways. For example, if you like gardening or painting, try doing that for a while and see if it helps you move on from binge-watching a little. You can also sign up for an online course that you’ve always wanted to learn or explore anything that you enjoy doing. This may help you engage in something productive rather than sitting on the bed, binge-watching a show that you don’t even like that much. 

4. Turn Off the Autoplay 

The Autoplay Button might be the one worsening your binge-watching habit. As soon as you think of moving on from the show, the Autoplay makes you watch the intro and you again get yourself hypnotized by the suspense, heightening your eagerness to watch the next episode. 

Turn Off the Autoplay
Turn Off the Autoplay

So, turn off that damn Autoplay so that you can have time to move on after watching an episode. 

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5. Focus on your Health 

Both your physical and mental health may worsen if you keep clinging to this habit of purge watching. Not only do you gain unnecessary weight by sitting and binge-watching a show but you may also trigger mental health problems as you stray more and more away from social and personal relationships. It’s important to check on yourself and your body to keep your lifestyle healthy. Take a break, do some exercise like Zumba or dance, they are entertaining as well! Give your family and friends some time and check on them as well! 

These were some ways to stop binge-watching and keep your life balanced. You don’t have to quit a show or just stop watching anything, instead, give and divide the time appropriately to everything rather than just focusing on watching a show that you may forget after 1-2 months. 

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