Sleep is often deemed as a lethargic and unproductive activity. People want to work round the clock and do some productive work. Contradictory to this belief, sleep is productive to all intents and purposes. Sleep in fact, sleep is as important as exercising and having a proper nutritional diet.

As we have culminated in the fact that sleep is important to become a big cheese, one should maintain a nighttime routine checklist to ensure an efficient and systemized sleep.

Importance Of Having A Good Night Time Routine Checklist 

Having a nighttime routine checklist that doesn’t involve binge-watching Netflix shows or snacking junk can metamorphose your life in a great way. Following a proper nighttime regime will benefit not only your body but also your brain by increasing its productivity. A nighttime routine is just like the lubrication needed in smooth machinery functions.

Night Time Routine Checklist
Night Time Routine Checklist 

We know that even the thought of following a nighttime routine checklist after having a super exhausting workday is very taxing. But the truth is it will prepare you for the following workday in manners you don’t realize. According to scientific research, our sleep system, just like our other neurophysiological systems, happens to like predictability and consistency. 

Therefore, adhering to a proper nighttime routine checklist religiously is important.

Here are some of the best nighttime routines that will facilitate your endeavor to become a head honcho in life:

1. Give yourself some solitary selfish hours

Women always have this daunting pressure to ace all the spectrums of life. Be a perfect mother, wife, daughter, and sister without jeopardizing their work lives. During all these multitasking and enervating activities, women forget to spare some time for themselves. But to ace your game in all these areas of life, it is necessary to take a break by spending some quality time with your partner or taking a break to dwell on your pensive thoughts. 

2. Take a warm bath a few hours before your bedtime 

To have the best nighttime routine, add a hot relaxing shower to your nighttime routine checklist for sure. A hot shower is like a DIY spa at home. It helps calm your nerves and raise your body temperature. A raised body temperature will cause the body to cool it down slowly and naturally. 

Night Time Routine Checklist
Night Time Routine Checklist 

This way your core body temperature will drop and trigger your sleep. Hence, to enjoy a cozy sleep by tucking yourself inside a soft and thick quilted blanket, take a hot bath. 

Fun fact- Nighttime routine is also known as Sleep Hygiene. 

3. Drink a decaffeinated tea

Yes, you read it correctly! Tea and coffee contain caffeine which helps to shoo away sleepy yawns and make the body feel active. But a decaf tea does exactly the opposite. A decaf tea, like chamomile tea, helps relax and calm the mind. After a tiring day, just before bedtime, having a mug of hot decaf tea is the most pacific thing to help you sleep like a log. 

There are many decaf teas other than chamomile available in the market to help you sleep better at night naturally. Be it a tea bag or loose leaves decaf tea, the aromatic hot beverage is a must add to your nighttime routine checklist. 

4. Step away from screens

This is something to swear by for having the best nighttime routine. Staying and staring long hours on screen affects your eyes. The strong blue rays reflected from these screens damage your eyesight as well as the sleep cycle. They hinder the production of melatonin which helps you put to sleep. 

Night Time Routine Checklist
Night Time Routine Checklist 

Other than the light, the content which you consume can also disrupt your sleep. Watching an action-thriller or horror movie activates neurons keeps you wide awake. Thus restrict your screen time and avoid these blue rays.

5. Read a book

If you are someone who prefers something productive right before hitting your head on the pillow, consider reading a good book. Reading a book will help you relax your nerves and ultimately put you to sleep. It is considered to be one of the best habits and undeniably the best for the nighttime routine checklist as well. 

Also, if you are also guilty of missing bedtime stories that grandma used to tell, you can listen to audiobooks. 

P.S.- Avoid reading an exciting book as it may keep you awake for late hours.

6. Follow your night skin care regimen

Adding a night skincare regimen to your daily nighttime routine checklist will do wonders for you. It will not only help your skin look flawlessly healthy and radiant but also improve your sleep cycle. A skincare regime helps calm your qualms and feel pampered. It is forsooth the best night time routine for the skin. This way you can nourish your skin as well as your nighttime routine. 

7. Meditate in quietude to de-stress your distress  

Overthinking is a foible that amplifies when a person is alone. Constantly thinking about things can hamper sleep. But this problem can be solved easily with meditation. Meditating is the easiest and most effective activity to induce sleep hormones. 

Night Time Routine Checklist
Night Time Routine Checklist 

If in case you don’t have any idea where to start, google it and subscribe to any kind of meditation of your suiting. There are many apps as well that facilitate meditation before bedtime. This way you can put a pause to your overthinking and luxuriate yourself with a night of deep sleep. 

Meditate to avoid your bedtime turning into your bad time of the day. 

8. Make a To-Do list for tomorrow 

Writing a letter to your younger-self or older-self sounds nice but writing things for your tomorrow-self is a more practical approach. Prioritizing and planning your tasks for the next day can enrich productivity. Already having sorted the next tasks before bedtime will help you sleep in peace without worrying about the next day’s itinerary. 

Many people worry and ‘lose sleep’ quite literally while worrying about the upcoming day’s plan. Therefore, to remove anxiety, add this habit in your nighttime routine checklist without giving it any second thought. 

9. Listen to music 

To put your mind at ease, listen to some good soothing music. Listening to songs that calm your soul or some natural sounds like birds chirping, waterfall, etc. is a great way to put yourself to sound sleep. (Pun intended) However, make sure the sound isn’t amplified or electric because the key idea is to relax your nerves not to excite them. 

Adding all these habits to your nighttime routine checklist and following them with zeal and zest will help it turn into a nighttime routine for success. 

So get ready to hit the hay and have a goodnight’s sleep!

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