Couch exercise It’s time to confess, sometimes people just aren’t into going to the gym. Or maybe, you’re not even into exercise! But actually, that’s perfectly normal. Yes, sure, some women love to zip up into a tracksuit and get jogging for a solid hour, but some others would much rather spend that time sitting in front of the TV catching up on the latest episodes of their favorite show. And that’s fine. However, we all know that basically, we do need to get some exercise in, to make sure we stay happy and healthy, whether we want to or not. You might want to lie on your couch all evening when you get home from work, but sometimes that’s just not feasible…or is it? 

Lazy Girl’s Guide To Basic Couch Exercises

Surprisingly, there are some exercises you can do to lose weight, sitting on your couch and binge-watching soaps. If you’re an expert multitasker, you should have these down soon enough!

1. Foot/Toe Exercises

This is a great way to keep the muscles in your feet nice and supple. Sit down on the couch with your knees bent, with your feet on the floor, and then push up your heels to balance on your toes. You can keep doing this for a while. You can also do the same thing with your toes. Keep your heels on the ground this time and lift your toes one by one. It might be a very specific exercise, but this can be quite useful if you don’t normally exercise that part of your body. 

2. Toe Grab

While sitting on your couch, stretch your feet out ahead, without bending them. Keep your spine straight and then try to reach out and grab your toes without your legs bending at the knee, using the alternate hand. A toe grab is an exercise that you can do sitting on a mat as well, although the couch does give you a bit of back support. 

3. Arm Exercises

This will require dumbbells or weights of some sort, but you can always grab some alternatives like cans if you’re not a gym freak. Sit straight on the edge of the couch with your hands hanging to your sides. Lift them upwards so that your hands are straight in front of you. Then move them slowly sideways till you’re holding them out on either side of you (like a ‘T’). Then reverse it and bring them back inwards again, then down. And keep repeating! This is a good arm exercise that works well to strengthen the arm muscles.  

Arm Exercises
Arm Exercises

4. Push-Ups

Anything is possible…as long as your coach isn’t backed against a wall! Stand facing the back of your couch, a few steps away till you can touch it with your hands. Lean with your hands holding your weight, and keep your legs stretched, bend your arms and start pushing up and down like you would in a normal push-up. Improvisation wins the game.

5. Crunches

Lie flat on the couch. Lift your legs about 3 inches and then also lift your hands above your head. From there, pull your knees in and tuck them against your chest, then try to grab your shins with your hands. Keep shifting back and forth from both positions. This is an effective workout, especially if you need to tone your abs. Also, you can do it lying down on your couch. Win-win!

6. Planks

Plank exercises are always good for your body, especially for your core. You can try these on a mat in front of your couch (unless you’re a pro at them, in which case couch surfaces work too, especially if you’ve got a large couch). Rest your weight on your elbows and lift your heels so your toes are carrying some weight. Then see how long you can hold it. You can try gradually increasing the time durations. (Beginners might not manage planks for too long!)

. Planks
. Planks

All in all, this is a non-fitness-loving girl’s dream. No gym involved, you don’t even have to leave your couch. Just sit down, turn on your favorite TV show, podcast or audiobook, or whatever strikes your fancy. And then start burning those calories with the above couch exercise tips! Who says you can’t get toned while sitting on your couch?

Have you tried one of these couch exercise tips? if not, Do it now!