101 Smoky Eyes: The Easiest Guide You Always Needed

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Smokey Eyes
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Smokey eyes are hot. Yeah, I know, like really hot. They are that make-up look which is easier said than done. Once you try it, you’ll know for yourself. From the dark shadows making you look like you haven’t slept for days to the uneven finish with tired hands, they are no less than a nightmare. 

However, those days are over!! Time to go through the easy route ladies! Not everything needs to be as tough as it seems and smokey eyes definitely don’t. Unbelievable? I know right. 

Here are 8 simple steps to follow and you’ll get your smokey eyes makeup look on point before you even realise it!  

What you need for smokey eyes makeup look?

  1. A neutral eyeshadow palette
  2. A palette with darker shades

Note: You can also get eye shadow palettes that have both the tones. Many companies have palettes arranged with darker and lighter shades of the same colour. 

  1. A medium sized brush
  2. A small, rounded brush
  3. A small, tapered brush
  4. A flat, fluffy brush
  5. Eyeliner
  6. Mascara
  7. Primer
  8. Concealer

The most awaited: Steps! 

  • The Primer

Start with a clean base. Apply the primer first to improve the texture and make the eyeshadow easy to blend. Primers also help the make-up to last longer! 

  • The Concealer

Use the concealer to even out the skin tone. Apply it to your under eyes or eyelids and make sure the colour is even everywhere. 

  • The Base

Use the medium-sized brush and blend light and matte shade over the eyelids. Remember that a smokey eye is all about blending so do it carefully. 

  • Darker shadow

Choose a darker shadow of your choice and apply it to the outer corner of the eyes and into the creases of your eyes. Blend it carefully to not leave any harsh lines. Use the small rounded brush for the application and if there is excess, buff it across the outer half of the lower lash line. 

  • Another Shadow

If you feel the look is not intense enough, you can add more colour. Choose a dark shade and apply it using the small tapered brush. Apply it to make a V shape in the corner of your eyes and blend it towards the centre of the lid. 

  • Shimmer

A smokey eyes can never be complete without shimmers right? Choose a shimmery shadow and blend it to darken the outer corners of the eyes. Again, if there is any excess blend it down onto the outer half of the lower lash line. 

  • Metallic Finish

Choose a light metallic shade and apply it to the centre of the lid( you can also use a highlighter). Use the flat, fluffy brush for the application and blend it well to spread the colour. 

  • Liner

Apply the liner close as possible to the upper last line or you can just trace the upper lash line with it. Start with a thin line and thicken it towards the outer edge for smokey eyes.

Angle your liner slightly upwards and blend it if the existing dark shadows match it. You can also take the eyeliner in the creases and deepen it to add an interesting twist. Use a gel or pencil liner for the task. 

Tip: If you are a first-timer, just apply the eyeliner simply and avoid any blending. 

  • Mascara

Apply a volumizing mascara and you are ready to go! Apply it from the roots to the tips, do not forget to apply it to the lower lashes too. You can also use fake lashes for extra drama! 

Smokey Eyes


  • If you want to create the illusion of wider eyes, start applying the liner right from the corner of the eye and extend the liner across your upper lash line. Remember not to go too far. 
  • Do not apply the shadows all at once. Apply it layer by layer, apply the next layer only after carefully blending the previous one. 
  • Pair up your smokey eye makeup look with simple and nude make-up to create a striking image. Look fresh with a clean hairstyle and glowing skin and nude glossy lips. 

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