A highlighter can make your day, it is a simple cosmetic product that you can use anytime and any day. Be it to cover up a no make-up look or a bad day, a highlighter is one go-to cosmetic. There are two main kinds of highlighter- the liquid and the powder version. Make-up artists and professionals use both kinds of highlighter to give that instantly added glow to the face. However, many people have the wrong concept about applying a highlighter. They either apply it the wrong way or at the wrong places in the face.

How to Apply Highlighter Correctly?

The main trick of using a highlighter is to find out the correct shade of the product and which formula works best with the skin. Add to that, the perfect way of applying the highlighter. As such, we bring the correct places and ways to blend in the highlighter on your face. Follow the five awesome tips and tricks to applying a highlighter for an instant glow to the face:

1. Cheeks

Cheekbones are a primary place for applying a highlighter. They are the foremost facial feature that comes to mind when we mention highlighters. After applying the concealer and the foundation on the face, you should blend it with a make-up sponge. Thereafter, apply the bronzer on the cheekbones and the highlighter on top of it for the perfect cheek contour and definition. If you’re running out of time, then apply the highlighter and the right part of the cheeks for that instant look. Use the make-up brush and sweep a layer of the highlighter from the temple to the middle of the cheekbones in a downward motion. If your look requires more definition, blend in the make-up with a brush and get the perfect look. 

2. Nose

Applying the highlighter in the right place can make the nose look thinner and sharper. Apply the highlighter with the ring finger as a dot on the center of the nose. Thereafter, blend the highlighter upward towards the bridge of the nose. The right highlighter on the nose can go a long way to accentuate the face.

3. Lips

Make your lips look fuller and sumptuous with just a minimal amount of highlighter dabbing on the cupid’s bow of the lips. use a light dab and avoid any heavy highlighter on the lips.

4. Eyes

Make your eyes look bright and sharp by applying a highlighter on the eyes. Use a creamy highlighter or a soft powder highlighter on two specific portions of the eyes, along the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye. Use the highlighter as a finishing makeup product after applying the eye shadow, eye-liner, mascara, and eyebrow make-up products. With a small eye shadow brush, sweep a mini layer of the highlighter from the middle to the outer brow bone. This will accentuate the eyes and make your eyes look brighter. Also, using a small dab of highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes is an instant glow tip.

5. Forehead and Chin

Make your forehead and chin look beautiful by using a small amount of highlighter product in a downward motion on the middle of the forehead. Do the same with your chin. This will make the areas noticeable and sparkly.


Steps To Use Highlighter

  • Prepare your skin. Hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water and regularly clean and tone the face to prepare it for the highlighter.
  • Apply a moisturizer to layer the skin from the make-up.
  • If you like wearing foundation, wear it after the moisturizer. You can also add a few drops of illuminator to the foundation and apply it to the skin.
  • Choose the perfect highlighter formula. Know that a creamy highlighter works best for dry skin, and a powder highlighter on oily skin type.
  • Use the correct highlighter applicator. You can apply the cream highlighter with your hand but use a brush or sponge for the powder highlighter.
  • Apply the highlighter to the right points of the face.

Always make sure you don’t overuse the highlighter. Too much highlighter would end up making your face look too sweaty or overly done. A little bit of highlighter is enough to make your face stand out from amongst the many in the crowd. Get the correct shade that suits your skin tone and compliments it to give you the perfect look for any occasion! 

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