You know what girls, I like to apply makeup, which looks like I have not applied any makeup!! Lol, sounds funny, right? Admit it, this is the wish of every other girl out there. I still remember a time, when heavy makeup including bold eyebrows, full-coverage foundation, and a winged liner trended a lot on Instagram. 

And at present, people everywhere, from Instagram to YouTube, are just flaunting a natural makeup look or like the Instagram, influencers say- “No Makeup” look. Basically, in a no-makeup look, you have to focus more on the application steps than the number of products you will use. 

Tips to Achieve That Natural Makeup Look

Here is a list of effective steps and tips to achieve a natural look easily!

1. Prioritize Your Skin

A natural makeup look includes a natural glow. Not everyone is blessed with a stunningly youthful glow like Jennifer Aniston! However, we can fake it, my friend! Always, prepare your skin before getting into the “natural makeup look journey” and for this, you can use a hydrating face mask. Make sure that your skin is thoroughly moisturized and supple before applying any makeup.

2. Invest in a Good Primer 

Keep in mind, you will need a smooth base to achieve a natural look. Hence, use a good primer. It is completely up to you which primer you want to use according to your skin type and budget. But it is always recommended to use a pore filling primer as it fills every pore prevents clogging as well as makes the skin smooth. While an illuminating primer only adds up a glow, making the skin look more hydrated.

3. Go for a Light Coverage

You don’t need any full and thick coverage foundations. Let your skin breathe!!  Go for a tinted moisturizer or BB & CC cream that will give extra hydration to your skin and at the same time, these products will also let some of your acne scars, and other imperfections show up a little bit. 

4. Choose a light-weighted Concealer 

I love concealer! And because it alone works on most of the imperfections. Always use a concealer that looks natural to hide your dark circles & blemishes. Consider blending using your fingers. Why? Because the warmth of your skin will help any product to melt easily!

5. Choose Creams Over Powders 

Why creams? Because a cream easily blends & sinks right in. And believe me, it looks more natural than those powders. Once you have applied the foundation & concealer, you can blend any cream bronzer using a dampened sponge or a brush

6. Try a Dew 

Most people go for a shimmery highlighter but you should use a cream with a good base. This will tend to look like a natural dew or sweat (again, it’s natural) on your skin. A little dewiness on the cheekbones will make your face look natural as well as glowy. 

7. A Little Blush 

Who doesn’t like blush? Come on, a natural & blushed look is altogether unpolished and beautiful. You too can achieve that look. You just need to use a cream blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks, up onto the temples, & on the bridge of your nose. And you are good to go!!! 

8. Say Yes to Bushy Brows 

You can skip this step if you wish to. But remember that bushy and unruly eyebrows are trending today. After all, it will enhance the charm of your natural brows. You can use a brow gel along with fibers. Just brush them up & into place. 

9. Minimum Mascara or No Mascara 

I know, most of the girls love mascara but why it is said to use minimal mascara or no mascara is because your skin has to be the star of this show, hence it is alright to keep your lashes light. Just curl up your lashes & apply a little bit of mascara to your top & bottom lashes. Or you can also rock your natural lashes!

 10. Tinty Lips 

You can find several products, which give a natural tint to the lips. Or else, I have a trick for you as well.  You just need to apply your favorite lipstick and blot off the extra using a clean tissue. 

Tinty Lips
Tinty Lips 

Bottom Line

No doubt, those bold smokey eyes & red lips look hot, however, sometimes you should rock your natural beauty as well. Now, you too can easily wear makeup and no one will have any idea also! So ladies, are you ready to rock your subtle make-up? 

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