Signs That You Are Hopelessly Romantic

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signs you are a hopeless romantic
Supriya Singh
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signs you are a hopeless romantic

Ah, the feeling of being in love! The warmth and rush that we feel being in love, there is nothing quite like it. To be in love deeply with someone and finally getting to marry them is like a dream come true. Most of us women desire to be with someone who is head over heels for us. Almost all women are a big romantic, and we wait eagerly for our prince charming. 

But there are some women who are just hopelessly romantic. Anyone who has seen Sex and the City will know Charlotte York as a hopeless romantic. She truly made us see that dating men isn’t all about sex and fun, it is to find her true love and her prince charming.

So who are hopeless romantics? Are you a hopeless romantic? Signs you are a hopeless romantic, Keep on reading and find out if you are one.

A huge fan of romantic movies 

You just can’t get enough of the romantic movies and reruns are a must. Movies like P.S I love you, the notebook, the Holiday, Sleepless in Seattle, Notting Hill and so on are your go-to movies every time you decide to watch a movie at home.

The idea of flowers

When you get some flowers yourself or someone gets them for you, you get a feeling of warmth and happiness. When you are in a relationship, you expect your partner to get you flowers sometimes.

Your love for romantic songs.

Your all-time favourite songs are all about love and listening to them makes you feel good and happy.

The idea of a soulmate

There are very few people who believe in the existence of soulmates. The ones who believe in soul mates are mostly hopeless romantics. Honestly speaking, the idea of finding one’s soulmate is really romantic. Very few people find their soul mates and get their happily ever after.

A soulmate is someone who always understands you and your situation, you have a connection that is crazy strong and the love is unconditional.

You love to cherish small moments 

Signs You Are A Hopeless Romantic

You love to celebrate small moments in your life, which makes you feel happy and content. You never miss any anniversary. You even love to celebrate any small occasion no matter how small its impact is.

The thought of love at first sight 

The concept of love, at first sight, is a bit hazy and complex. Love is a complex feeling itself and to fall in love with someone, you have to spend some time together and get to know them. However, one can definitely feel some sort of intuition just by looking at someone if they are truly the ones. Regardless of this, whoever believes in the love at first sight thing is for sure a hopeless romantic.

You just go “aww” whenever you see an elderly couple having a nice time 

Your heart just melts when you see a couple, especially an elderly one enjoying each other’s company.


You often daydream about your favorite romantic scenes and imagine it happening in your life as well.


You expect your partner to be someone just like in those romantic movies. You do romantic gestures for your partner, and you expect the same to be done for you.

You don’t believe in casual relationships

The current scene in the dating world is very casual and carefree. You, however, are not a fan of the current situation and still believe in the old fashion way of love. You never go for casual relationships and prefer to be in a relationship with someone you care about and see a possible future.

You dream of a waltz.

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hopeless romantic

The thought of a handsome guy asking a fair maiden for a dance and they waltz around the room stunning everyone with their chemistry is just too exciting for you. And you dream of waltzes with your soulmate even if it is in the comforts of your home.

So, these are a few signs that can prove if you are a hopeless romantic. Love is such a wonderful gift. We all are in search of love all our lives. Love makes us feel good and complete. Just like the song Love Will Keep Us Alive by the American rock band, The Eagles.

On a personal note, being a hopeless romantic is mostly a good thing, as it keeps you hopeful of the good things in life.  

Take care♥

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