Gone are the days when Snapchat was casually used to send good morning and good night snaps, random snaps, or for just maintaining the ‘streaks’. Nowadays, there is so much more to Snapchat than this old-school teenage stuff. It is safe to say that adults have found new ways to include Snapchat in their lives in a very creative yet sexy manner. 

Everyone enjoys sex chat now and then, be it with your husband, boyfriend, or just a random guy you are flirting with to kill boredom. You got to admit when you are feeling particularly aroused and adventurous, you like to exchange a little naked picture of yours, teasing people with your hot body and sexy ways. It is a matter of choice and no one’s place to judge you for being creative and confident enough to exchange nudes with someone. Paving an even easier way for the accomplishment of these late-night desires this app called Snapchat is the new world’s sexting app and there is no questioning it. Not like we are endorsing it, but we got to tell you, if you are looking for some crazy fun, without getting into a serious problem or having to hinder your personal space, Snapchat is the app for you.

Snapchat was launched almost 7 years ago to provide its users with a modified platform for connecting to people via messaging, picture exchanging, and videos. Using Snapchat you can capture any moment, your photo, add various inbuilt application filters to it, and share it with the people you wish to instantly. Snapchat was received marvelously globally. Ever since Snapchat has been used by youngsters every day in every corner of the world. 

Guide to Sexting and Snapchat

Even our theme of the article revolves around how Snapchat is used globally for sexting and how you can use Snapchat for these purposes safely and securely without having to put anything at risk. 

1. Trusted Receiver

Ladies, do not send a nude picture of yourself to the man you met at the bar last Friday. You can’t trust him. If you don’t want your naked pictures all over the cloud and the internet with thousands of people seeing them and sharing them, you need to be careful with who you send the picture to. Always check and recheck before and after sending a nude picture of yourself to someone. It is advised of course; you send these intimate pictures only to people who you trust undoubtedly. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of exposing naked pictures over the internet without your knowledge or consent. So, avoid it rather than regret it.

2. Careful Surprise

Yeah, we know sometimes when your boyfriend’s at work you want to tease him with a sly picture of yourself. But here’s a tip: don’t. This is because your boyfriend might be near a colleague or a friend or in circumstances where when he opens the phone to see your photo, other people might see it too. If you don’t want your boyfriend’s office friends to catch a look at you naked, then don’t give him that kind of surprise. Instead, text him on the phone before sending the photo, hinting that he does not check his phone in front of anyone.

3. Sex Chats

Sexting on Snapchat is quite fun and easy, plus secure too. Snapchat provides a secure platform wherein the messages in a conversation are not automatically saved. Therefore, there’s no need for panicking when sexting through Snapchat. Although, the other person can willingly save your messages into his conversation window through his phone. In this case, you should tell the person you are chatting with to unsave your messages if they would like to continue with the sexting and make sure they are not saving your messages anyway.

4. Crop Your Pictures

You know naked pictures are perceived hot by the receiver even if it is a half shot of your leg. So, if you ever get a weird feeling about having your whole face and body in a naked picture, then without hesitating crop your face out of the picture. Strategically click a picture of your body and send it to the person. We are sure the person you sent to will find it equally hot and arousing too. This will ensure that the picture even if leaked doesn’t contain your face, plus you don’t get the weird feeling about it anymore. You can go crazy with your pictures, pose in a sexy way, record a video of you stripping, add filters to your pictures and make it even more fun.

You can also film a short video of yourself dancing in a sexy move. These are the tips you need to know while using Snapchat as your sexting platform. You can rely on Snapchat for the safety of your content and privacy, but you should take some precautions from your side too to prevent any other problems. If you have taken the required and the mentioned safety precautions, you can rest and take fun and crazy pictures and videos of yourselves and enjoy it.

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