Self Care Apps! This 2022, who all have made self-care one of the primary goals? If you haven’t, then you should make it my friend. After all, being healthy is an important aspect of the overall well being. Self-care includes many things such as meditating, performing yoga, visiting a therapist on a regular basis, exercising, or any other thing that relaxes you or bring out the better version of you. But, let’s admit we all are living in a busy world and we do not have extra time to run or visit a therapist. Hence, that is where technology shows up!! At the present time, you can find numerous self-care apps, which will help you to stay balanced in your day-to-day life. 

7 Self Care Apps

Take a look at some of the self-care apps that you should definitely try this year: 

1. Shine 

This app is perfect for people who need daily motivational messages as well as an exciting list of self-improvement audio that includes mindfulness, productivity, and enhancing sleep. Shine will help you to lower anxiety, de-stress and to feel good overall. You can also save your favorite messages so that you can look at them as many times as you require. The app also offers a gratitude element, where you can know your gratitude every day. People also take Shine Challenge, which is a seven-day audio challenge to go deeper into a selected self-care topic. 

2. Headspace 

For self-care, headspace is one of the great apps. The app allows listening to a general guided meditation under their Basic meditations or even select one that is more specific like Relationships or Sleep. The voice behind Headspace is very soothing, you will definitely be more at ease in a few seconds. In case, if you need a quick dose of positivity, the app also offers super-short meditations. 

3. Pacifica 

If you are searching for any online tool to deal with depression, anxiety and stress, then Pacifica is an ideal app for you. You can easily meditate, track your moods, as well as practice cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with the help of this app. Audio exercises have topics including soothing soundscapes and deep breathing. 

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4. Calm 

The Calm app focuses to calm you in every perspective. You can learn how to cut down your anxiety & stress as well as to master your breathing. You can select mediations, which differ in length (from 3 to 25 minutes) so that you can accordingly fit any of them into your schedule which is considered as one of the best Self Care Apps. Their topics include self-esteem, deep sleep, managing stress and many more. 

5. Breathing Zone 

There are many people out there who want to focus on their breathing to decrease their anxiety. For all of them, the Breathing Zone will fit you well. The app offers you guided breathing exercises that help you turn from anxious to relaxed. The app not only helps to elevate the mood but also to retrain your brain. Go for it!!!

6. Relax Melodies- Sleep Sounds 

Are you searching for an app to sleep peacefully? Well, Relax Melodies will provide you with soothing sleep sounds. The app is not at all restricted as it allows the users to make their own sound combinations as well as sleep mix. You can also avail guided exercises and Sleep Moves to help you to sleep. Apart from sleeping, you can also listen to Relax Melodies if you just want to relax. 

7. Happify

Happify will help you to reduce stress as well as manage negative thoughts. For people who are dealing with irritating co-workers or having a bad day, Happify has games & activities to develop positivity & emotional well-being. Happify is one of the best self care apps to build your self-confidence and achieve mindfulness.

Self Care Apps
Self Care Apps


Self-care, itself is a broad term, which includes physical, spiritual, social, cognitive and emotional aspects of life. Undoubtedly, self care apps are very fruitful as well as helpful as they bring both self-care & emotional regulation to the forefront of consciousness. However, it is important to know that all these apps are NOT alternative for any type of mental health care. Clinical conditions such as substance abuse, anxiety and depression cannot be treated with the help of these apps. 

They are just great tools to acquire more skills at engaging and thinking with the world in a more healthier as well as productive manner. 

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