Wondering what all apps you should download, and what others you should delete?? Wanna know some really useful apps for woman? You need not strain that brain anymore as we at the voice of woman are here with a list of all such apps for you! Smartphones these days, have become as important as one’s breath and have become so inevitable that one can’t possibly imagine a life without that. And the good part is we women can use it to our advantage for unreckonable purposes ranging from pace tracking to safety assurance by just downloading some of those apps specially designed for the same purpose. So, hereby we unveil our list:-

8 Must-Have Apps For Woman

Here is the list of 8 useful and must have apps for every women should download:

1. Mint

The very first is ‘Mint’, which is available for IOS, Android, Windows. If you are a shopping savvy person and don’t know how to have a  well-managed budget, this app is definitely the one you need to download right away. It manages your budget really well. It comes with a feature that facilitates linking your bank account with the app, which further allows you to keep a check over your expenditure. Not just that, it has another feature that allows you to divide your budget categorically, which lets you know where you are spending all your money. 

2. 7-Minute Workout Challenge

We always think we will start our gymming schedule soon, but we always end up postponing the same for a future date as we have quite less time to spare for such a thing. That’s where this app comes to the action! As its name suggests, it’s an app that requires you to spare a mere 7 minutes out of your hectic schedule for exercise. It assists your fitness regimen with exercise videos and images to ensure that you do it all properly. Also, it comes with a tracker tool feature to ensure that you keep on going consistently. 

3. Uber

Uber is imperative for every working as well as non-working woman to stand on her legs, not just metaphorically but in reality. Having a cab app like that, one never needs to depend on males of the house or driver of the office to take them from one place to another. With the help of Uber, you can simply type in your current location and destination, and you have the cab right at your doorstep! Isn’t it amazing? Not just that, it comes with a cab scheduling feature which allows you to schedule your cab for a later time, whenever you need it. It also includes online payment options and food order options. With an app like that, who needs Aladdin’s lamp anymore! 

4. Companion

It’s an app that never lets you feel alone and will prove to be your companion forever. Its functionality includes some virtual friends who guide you towards reaching your home safe virtually. All you need to do is enter your destination. If your phone gets dropped midway or goes switch off or even if you don’t reach home within the stipulated time frame, it waits for 15 seconds, and then sends you a text asking if you are ok, and if you don’t reply it alerts all your friends about the same. Also, it has a feature to alert the police at the same time to save you from possible mishappenings. 

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5. Circle of 6

It is much alike companion but a little different owing to its features which are not just meant to save you from grave situations but the non-grave ones too like a poor date or a lengthy class! Isn’t it more of a lifesaver??? 😅 This app comes with a feature which allows you to choose six kith and kin, and whenever you are in a problem, it will automatically deliver a message to those people to get you out of that trouble. 

Circle of 6
Circle of 6

6. CamCard

Being a business person, every businesswoman is aware of the tediousness that the card handling task includes. You need to enter all those lengthy details on your card. CamCard is a good rescuer in such circumstances as it allows you to scan all your card details and hence have it saved in your phone. This not just reduces your tough activity, but also adds up to your productivity duration. 

7. myPill

It is a really helpful companion for all your personal needs regarding pills. This is something which most of the woman aren’t frank enough to share it with everyone and hence they need someone to remind them of it. myPill acts as your caretaker in such a condition. It reminds you to have your pills on time also it facilitates you with a feature that helps you have your cycle tracked and sends you a reminder message to tear a new pack of pills when you need it. 

8. Shop Savvy

This is one of the most important app every shopaholic women need to have it in their cell phones! Operatable in IOS and Android in general. We feel sorry for all Windows Phone users who are females as this app comes with amazing features for all the shoppers out there. It makes you a smart buyer! It has a bar code scanning feature that helps you have more magnified details of your product. It facilitates price comparison of the same product at two different shops and lets you know if that product is available for a cheaper and more affordable price elsewhere. The best feature it is inclusive of is that you can tell it about your favorite products, and it lets you know, whenever that product is on sale. Isn’t it worth a download right away 😍? 

So, these are some of the amazing must-haves for your cellphone not downloading which will be a regretful deal for you. We will come with more such beneficial articles for you! 

Stay tuned folks! 

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