Fitness is something all of us love. But affordability is a bigger question than this. Not all of us can go and get a handsome trainer with even more handsome money charged for that! Isn’t it? But worry not, there are certain best fitness apps for women that are just perfect to help you get yourself in shape! Right from your early morning schedule of exercises to your nighttime routine for fitness, it is something that will care for you from speck to speck! So, we hereby we enlist some of the best fitness apps for women to let them attain as well as retain their shape.

Best Fitness App For Women

Have a look at some of the best fitness apps for all female fitness freaks:

1. Aaptiv

One of the best workout apps for women who are music lover gym freak within you! AAPTIV functions in such a way that the instructions of your trainer get synchronized with the music beats. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Imagine staying fit while enjoying yourself throughout. gym workouts for women won’t seem boring anymore. Also, according to scientific study, it has been found that music seems to make your body focused much more than anything else does. Also, the app is inclusive of vivid ranging exercises right from cycling to weight lifting everything. 

2. All Day

Another amazing workout app for women to add up to your list of the best fitness apps is ‘All day’. Having been created by the big brand name Adidas it was specially designed to cater to the needs of the modern era fitness women. It acts as a one in all as it takes into account things like your rest duration, balanced diet, body needs, etc. According to it, these are the key drivers of your enhanced athletic state. Also, the app leaves no room for thinking that it lacks information. It is because it has a function where discoveries and inventions or scientific guidance info is provided.

For instance, you can have a good day start with 15 minutes of om Shanti or zen meditation. Ahead of it, you can go for a complete body fitness regimen by a celebrity fitness tutorial. Further, now that you are tired you absolutely need some nutrition. So, it can help you with a chef who guides you regarding your meal and its culinary steps. Now before you sleep you can do a relaxation exercise where you will be guided by a breathing technique. Also, it is accompanied by peaceful music that can help you sleep even better! Isn’t it the Aladdin’s genie we all have long been searching for?! 😅

3. Yoga Studio

When we talk of exercise how can we forget the master of all that is Yoga! It is one of the best fitness apps for women. After all, we Indians have popularized the same in the world! In this workout app, you are facilitated with 75 pre-fed tutorials that help you with your fitness regimen through yoga. Some of the names of these tutorials are yoga for runners, yoga for backache, Hip Hop collection, etc. It also comes with three of the levels that your body functions on. The first one is beginner, the second one is intermediate & advanced being the third one.

Alongside that, the time duration for each if it is also mentioned, which is 15,30 and 60 minutes. Also, you are facilitated with an option to customize the kind of fitness you want for your body. Which means you can select from strength, flexibility, relaxation as well as a combination of all. This is basically aimed at finding the perfect choice of class for you. Further, all these classes come with a tutorial voice that guides you throughout right from changing positions to the duration for which you have to stay in one posture. Even the video quality is amazing as it is all available in high definition (HD). 

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4. Daily Butt Workout App

Okay, so, we cannot agree more on the fact that butt workout is the most imperative and awaited topic for fitness women and girls! This app is absolutely designed for us. In this, you will be facilitated with 2 distinct 5-10 minutes of butt toning exercise videos. These workout sessions or say tutorials are designed as well as performed by fitness experts. Also, there is a timer running while you perform these exercises so that it is easy for you to keep a check on yourself. You can avail of its free version if you need to experience it beforehand. While for the ones who already feel convinced enough can go for the full version of it. 

Daily Butt Workout App
Daily Butt Workout App

5. Sworkit

This is basically the best fitness apps for women that are meant to acknowledge your perfect customized and tailored exercise to cater to your bodily needs. We often get baffled while trying to understand our body type and the type of exercise that will fit us. So, sworkit is that one godly app that will help you with this. How ever fit you are, sworkit analyzes your needs right from the beginning. Also, the best part about this is that it provides you quick exercise at the beginning which can fit in your hectic schedule really well.

All that you gotta do is to tell the workout app the duration for which you are available as well as the kind of workout you have as your preferred one. After that, it’s all sworkit’s headache. It is going to manage it all then. To quote, some of the workouts available are-pilates, cardio, yoga, etc. Everything is free of any kind of gymming equipment, and also every video is accompanied by demonstrations. 

Found them all amazing?? Indeed they are the best fitness apps for women, especially for us females who run post to pillar to keep our families jovial while ignoring our health and well-being to the fullest.  Stay tuned for more such articles! 

Stay healthy💚

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