Many people have that pink lush on their cheeks. It is considered a sign of good health and vigor. Rosy cheeks are a significant physical trait in itself. The scientific fact behind rosy cheeks is the widening of the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow on the cheek area. Some people tend to have rosy cheeks all the time while others tend to develop pink cheeks due to chilly weather, overheating, after having hot drinks, or when they feel embarrassed, nervous, anxious, or shy. 

Why do Cheeks Turn Red?

Rosy cheeks are a common trait and are found in many but the many reasons behind the cause of pinky cheeks are quite fascinating. Take a look:


A common condition amongst the western world, rosacea is the first thing that comes to the mind when we talk about natural facial redness. Rosacea is a condition when the skin is sensitive and reactive to environmental triggers that makes the skin turn red. 

These sensitive conditions include temperature, humidity, stress, spicy food, or alcohol. Along with pink cheeks rosacea can also warm up the skin, the appearance of blood vessels, swollen red eyelids, and red, puss-filled access. 

Treatment– Since, rosacea is a dermatological condition, there is something you can do about it. You can avoid the triggers that are the cause of your rosacea. Using a good sunscreen is also a must for people with rosacea. Also, washing your face mild face wash with lukewarm water and then pat drying it. Other clinical options include Rhofade which will constrict blood vessels and calm inflammation. 


Acne is a quite common skin problem found in many. Severe acne includes uneven texture, bumps, or skin thickening along with the redness. But the redness due to acne problem doesn’t last a lifetime, it goes away with acne. Dead skin, oil, and dirt often get trapped in these pores. 

Treatment- Wash your face often with cold water and gentle soap. Do not touch the acne or try to burst them. Also, it advisable to avoid getting out in pollution, heat, or dirt. Use a good sunscreen. Other clinical treatments include laser therapy, chemical peels, and steroid injections. 



Eczema is a medical condition that causes an angry-looking rash on your cheeks. It is mostly found in infants. Along with redness it can also cause itching and dryness.

While there is no treatment as such, a doctor can prescribe a soothing ointment for this condition. 


When a woman in her late 40s experiences menopause, the estrogen levels tend to decline in the body. Women having menopause tend to feel hot flashes that are feeling intense heat in the body for about 1-5 minutes and then calms down. This condition of a hot flash can cause redness on the cheeks. 

Treatment- The treatment of this condition is only by avoiding the situations that trigger hot flashes like hot weather, hot showers, smoking, alcohol, spicy food or caffeine. Eating or drinking soothing foods also helps with this condition like water, juices, sugarcane juice, and doing yoga. Notice, what is giving you hot flashes and tend to stay away from it. 

Reaction to food

Some people tend to develop allergic reactions to certain foods like ginger, garlic, kiwis, etc. having such foods can cause their skin/face to turn red. It is quite common and can happen to anyone. 

Treatment- Avoid eating the foods that you are allergic to. Be cautious about the food once you discover your sensitivity towards it. 

Reaction to medication

Some people are allergic to certain chemicals or drugs. Their skin may turn red or itchy if consumed that particular salt.

Be attentive to such medication and always inform your doctor about your allergic reactions to a certain salt. 

Reaction to alcohol

Many people are sensitive to alcohol. Their cheeks tend to turn red when they consume alcohol. They may experience nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, low blood pressure along with redness on the cheeks. This condition is called alcohol intolerance. 

Treatment- Limit the amount of alcohol you consume. 

How to Get Rid of Rosy Cheeks without Makeup?

Tired of hiding those pink cheeks with concealers and foundations? Well, there are other ways to get rid of those rosy cheeks without using any makeup products:

  • Cucumber: Take half a grated cucumber and apply it on the cheeks. It will soothe the skin. Doing so every day will reduce redness.
  • Coldwater: Never wash your face with hot water. Doing so will only rash your skin, making it redder and burn-looking. Always use mild or cold water if you have pink cheeks.
  • Mild products: Never use harsh products on the skin. For cleaning purposes, use a gentle soap. Also, say no to toners and any astringent. Your skin is sensitive so treat it with mild products.
  • Rosewater: People with pink cheek, rose water is their best friend. Gently apply rose water all over your face or spray rose water on the face and let it get absorbed.
  • Anti-inflammatory foods: Avoid eating anti-inflammatory foods like alcohol and spicy foods. It will only make your cheeks redder than usual. Try consuming vegetables, fiber-rich foods, herbs, and green tea.

When to see a doctor?

Redness on the cheeks is usually not a big issue. It is a beauty enhancer actually. But is some cases, you must see a doctor:

  • Your skin doesn’t clear up after a few weeks.
  • The redness bother you
  • You have a lot of acnes
  • You have other symptoms such as sweating or nausea

Blush can work magic for giving you a pretty, rosy glow, but when your cheeks are little too red, you will wish for just the opposite. 

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