Eczema is a skin disease that in simple terms causes a part of the skin to be red, itchy, scaly, and irritated. It is a skin disease but can affect mental health too! Eczema depression is a known phrase when talked about skin disease. 

What is Eczema?

Eczema is commonly also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin problem that is usually common in children, but can even occur in adults as well.  Talking about it in simple language, if your skin turns red and scaly in a certain part of the skin and it itches you a lot, you might be diagnosed with eczema.   

Though it is commonly known as Atopic dermatitis, there are 7 more types of eczema but the most common form of allergy found is Atopic. People who suffer from it usually suffer from allergies or asthma and redness, itchiness and scaly patches on the body. It has many forms, each comes with their own triggers and signs.


Eczema as a disease does not only have a  physical effect on a person, but also affects the mental health too. Talking about the causes, mainly the exact cause of it is unknown to the world as of now.

However, there have been claims that there are many environmental as well as genetic factors that could contribute to leading the same. Eczema in children is likely to develop if the parent erstwhile had the condition or even another atopic disease for that matter. 

Causes of Eczema in relation to environmental factors can be a major cause and even bring out the signs, some of them includes in the category of:

  • Irritants: This could include a variety of sorts, soap; detergent; juices; meats; fruits; vegetables; shampoo etc.
  • Microbes: This category mainly talks of the bacteria that can be a cause of eczema like Staphylococcus Aureus, viruses and other fungi as well
  • Stress: Stress is not a direct cause of eczema but can trigger it and make it worse, it is usually found that eczema and anxiety as well as eczema and depression go hand in hand, especially in regard to children suffering from it.
  • Change in Temperature: Very hot or cold temperatures in a season ,changing weather and humidity levels can bring out the eczema too!
  • Hormones: Women can suffer through the symptoms of eczema while their hormones are in transit. For example during the gestation period or while menstruation.

Eczema is not a “Rash”

The popular misconception is that people often think of it as just a rash. It has not been taken up seriously by people. It is just seen to be a mere rash that might disappear after a few days. Research shows that mostly it is targeted on children and the same targets their mental health as well! 


Eczema is An Emotional Issue

Talking about the disorder, this condition is chronic and in addition to the physical pain and suffering, it can be affecting your mental and emotional levels as well. Many researchers say that people suffering from it suffer through anxiety and depression quite a lot. People who attend schools have started to feel less of their esteem due to the disorder. The constant mockery of others in regard to marks and patches creates internal agony and affects mental health of the pain bearer.

Eczema And Anxiety

Eczema though is a skin disease that physically affects the affected, it affects mental health too! it can create a lot of anxiety for many people who go through it. People who have it do not really feel good about themselves. They start to feel awful about themselves and feel low in regard to their self esteem. 

Especially talking about teens, teenagers start to feel awkward and uncomfortable around people, it makes them feel anxious and feel less confident due to the same. Teenagers are the worst hit while suffering from it go through quite a lot of anxiety due to peer pressure and bullying as well.

Eczema and Depression

It affects mental health in ways that cannot be thought of. People have been in depression due to the constant nagging and mockery of people that leads them to feel less of themselves. The confidence level goes low due to appearance factor. 

The frequent anxiety issues and flare ups have caused the patients to be suffering from insomnia, panic attacks and distress. 

How To Deal With All Of It?

As we discussed above, having eczema can be quite troublesome and full of constant distress, it has a lot of effects on your mental health as well. But not if you guard yourself against the world.

Nobody in the world could affect you unless you give them permission to. Eczema though is intricately annoying, irritating but it should not be a concern to your mental health too! It is on you about how you try to take the disease in your mind.

Eat good, take precautions, apply the right oil and consume everything that is suitable to your body for your betterment! Take all the necessary precautions, take your vitamins, shower in lukewarm water and apply products that soothe your skin.

Natural skincare products can help you a ton when it comes to managing your eczema and preventing symptoms and flares. Try implementing organic-based products into your skincare regime which add moisture to the skin and are naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Honey infused serums, coconut oil lotions, and organic goat milk soaps are effective cleansers to keep moisture in and bacteria out.

You are beautiful the way you are

You are beautiful the way you are, and that is by your confidence and belief you have in yourself. It’s obvious that people shall always mock, bicker and taunt you for what they think of flaws in the world where they have a notion of idealistic beauty, it is on you to how you think about breaking those notions and loving yourself the way you are.

Acceptance is the key

Accepting yourself and your skin the way it is, is the very first step to upgrade your self esteem and believe in yourself that you are beautiful!  Break the notion that eczema and anxiety go hand in hand and make yourself free from the cage of anxiety, depression and take care of your mental health to the fullest!

Skin cannot always be perfect and that’s okay!

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