Quick Guide: Avoid These 9 Mistakes While Curling Hair

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Mistakes While Curling Hair
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Women love to experiment. We will experiment with our outfits, make-up and of course, the hair! And when it comes to hairstyling, the first thing coming to your mind will be Waves (#forachange right ?). It does not matter what kind of hair you have, let’s admit this- we all have crushed on curls at some point. Be it ribbon curls, retro waves or beach waves, curls deserve the attention! 

The realization: They are definitely NOT as easy as they look. It isn’t even unusual to spend hours trying to perfect them just to be disappointed at the end. Yes, we feel you. However, here’s to making your life(and hairstyling) better- The detailed guidebook you always needed! So what are you waiting for? Read on and flaunt those perfectly styled tresses! 

Always Use A Heat Protectant First

Show them some love! Before you reach out to the tool, get the protection spray and save the damage! A hair protectant will help you minimize the heat and will also improve the texture by sealing the moisture when you style. Definitely a compulsory step! 

Get The Temperature Right

“The higher the temperature, the faster I’ll get away with it”- You while setting the temperature at the highest on the busy mornings. But let me remind you, a higher temperature will also mean more damage to those precious locks! Always opt for a styling tool that has different temperatures and keep the temperature below 400 degrees. Also, if your hair is smoking, it is an indication that the temperature is too high. 

Pro tip: If you are indeed in a rush but need to look special, just go for some quick heatless hairstyles! 

Letting Them Down Too Soon?

To get long-lasting and perfect curls, do not let them down as soon as they are curled. Hold or pin them in shape and let them cool in your hand. 

Find The Perfect Size

If you also go by the rule that the bigger the iron, the bigger will be the curls, time to correct it! The size of the iron does not decide anything, only the size of the barrel does. Choose the size according to your hair length, thickness and the kind of style you want to do. If you always get results different from what you wished for, there’s probably nothing wrong with your technique but with your tool. 

Direction Is Important! 

Here’s the trick to get that cute and effortless look- curl different sections in different directions. This will give more of a natural, careless beauty vibe. However, if you want them to look all set and shaped, curl them all in the same direction. 

Set Them Correctly

Unlike what most of us have always done, hairspray should come first and not only at last. But, it works even when you just apply it at the end right? The next time you are into curling, apply the spray on each section while curling them and welcome your perfect, long-lasting curls!

Mistakes While Curling Hair

Hold The Tool Properly

Hairstyling is an art and hair curling is no exception! To get that perfect style, you need to hold your tool properly and very carefully. If you want more volume, pull the hair away from you instead of pulling it down normally. If you want tighter curls, hold the tool horizontally. If you want both, just hold the tool a little angled! 

Pro Tip: The holding and the angle may look tricky at first but it will not take you more than 4-5 times to perfect the trick! 

The Timing!

The timing matters! If you are leaving your hair in the heat for too long, that might give you tighter curls but in the long run, will damage your precious strands. Exposing the hair to too much heat can make them frizzy, dry and prone to breakage. For regular use, the timing shouldn’t exceed 10 seconds. So make sure the next time you are curling, the timing is not something you go careless with! 

Wrap ’em Well

Be careful with the amount of hair you wrap to the barrel. Wrapping too much will not do any good since some strands won’t even get enough heat. Wrap according to the size of your iron, it’s best to take less so that the curls can be well defined. 

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